Ludacris and Karma Bridges

Rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is steaming mad after Atlanta-based Delta Airlines accused him of abandoning his daughter, Karma, at Atlanta Hartsfield airport.

A source tells gossip tabloid TMZ that Luda and Karma, who is 14, landed in Atlanta at 6:00 a.m. after a flight from LAX in Los Angeles. The plan was for Karma to continue on to New York on a connecting flight out of Atlanta. But there was a layover between flights.

Luda had to be somewhere else that morning, so he left his daughter in the very safe first class lounge to wait for her flight. No one can enter the first class lounge unless they have a first class ticket.

But that’s when things got a little sketchy.

Delta reps called Luda on his cell phone and told him that unaccompanied minors are not allowed to fly alone without a supervising adult. The airline said it would provide adult supervision for Karma at an additional cost of $100.

According to the source, Luda booked Karma’s first class ticket himself (which he normally does not do), and he received confirmation that Karma could fly alone as long as an adult (in this case her mother) was waiting at the destination airport to pick her up.

Luda didn’t pay the fee because Karma missed her flight to New York. So Luda went back to the airport, picked Karma up and they went home — but not before he gave Delta reps an earful.

Anyone who knows Luda knows he’s definitely not a cheapskate.

According to TMZ, Luda was “shocked and angry” that Delta changed its rules regarding unaccompanied children.

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