Kim Zolciak

In addition to a shopping addiction, reality TV personality Kim Zolciak admits her other vice is gambling. She recently lost $250,000 gambling at a casino in the Bahamas. Whenever the gambling bug bites her, Zolciak, 36, packs her six kids into a minivan and drives to Destin, Florida.

Zolciak’s latest gambling trip was filmed by a production crew for her reality TV show, Don’t Be Tardy.

On the way to Destin, Zolciak spent $1,240 on scratch off lottery tickets. She won a grand total of $36.

From Page Six:

“I love to gamble, but there is no casino here in Georgia, so the only way to get my thrill is to buy scratch offs,” said the slim mother of six before revealing she once took a huge hit in the Bahamas losing $250,000.

Her oldest daughters are well aware of their mom’s addiction. “You cannot stop her, she gets into the zone,” said Brielle. “Especially with her online gambling.”

In a short post on the show’s official website, Kroy Biermann’s wife said gambling is her love.

“In Georgia, there is not a casino, so the closet thing to a slot machine is a scratch ticket! Every time we head to Destin, Kroy and I stop at the same gas station and get our scratch tickets. I am not sure how much I won this time but I think I broke even. It’s all in good fun, and I do it responsibly.”