Young Jeezy Birdman

A San Antonio TV station tweeted the wrong photo of rapper Young Jeezy who is being held on a $1 million cash bond following his arrest on a weapon charge in California.

KSAT-TV, which lacks basic knowledge of the hip hop culture, tweeted: “‘Young Jeezy’ arrested after Wiz Khalifa concert shooting.” The tweet included a photo of Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman, and was shared over 3,000 times on before KSAT deleted the tweet without explanation.

Jeezy, 36, was among 6 people taken into custody on Sunday in Irvine, CA. when police served a search warrant on Jeezy’s custom tour bus outside the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The search was part of an ongoing investigation into the shooting death of promoter Eric Johnson, 38, backstage at a Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy concert in Mountain View, CA., on Friday.

Police recovered an AK-47 automatic rifle while acting on a tip that the murder weapon could be found on Jeezy’s bus. All 6 occupants of the bus were arrested when no one claimed the weapon.

A local entrepreneur who begged for anonymity told exclusively that it was Jeezy’s custom to employ a “licensed and bonded carrier” whose job was to assume responsibility for any weapons found during police searches while he was on tour.

“I done signed statements before to ride wit ’em,” said the insider. “Damn, he see whose on his team now… Why ain’t no one claimed it?” he said, referring to the automatic weapon.

No one has been charged in Johnson’s death.

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