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Miss America

For the third straight year, Miss New York was crowned the winner of the Miss America Pageant. Kira Kazantsev, 23, walked away with the coveted title last night at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. Kazantsev, an aspiring lawyer, was born to Russian immigrants.

It is the 2nd straight year that a foreigner has been crowned Miss America. Last year's winner, Nina Davuluri, was born to Hindu Telugu parents.

The new Miss America choice did not sit well with Twitter users.

"Not happy with the new Miss America one bit…," tweeted Dawn Neufeld, star of VH1's Football Wives and wife of former NFL player Ryan Neufeld.

From NY

Kazantsev wowed the crowd during the talent portion by singing Pharrell’s feel-good song “Happy” while banging a red plastic cup on the floor, an idea from Anna Kendrick’s character in the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

“I keep time with the cup,” she told The Post before the competition.

“It’s not your average Miss America talent in terms of singing Broadway tunes or opera. I’m sticking to what I can do.”

Kazantsev, 23, wore a champagne-colored gown custom-made by a New York designer, John Paul Ataker.

It makes her feel “so beautiful and just on fire. It’s so New York,” she said.

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    • Unshakable who gone open the flood gates of ratchetness? :rofl:

    • Hershey

      :tea: this is the land of hate your own, celebrate the foreigners, what the problem is? :shrugs:

    • OpinionHated

      Banging on a red solo cup beat out queefing as a talent?

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      oh :coffee: Where OTB?

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      Red Solo Cup? FA Real.

      Let me work now....

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      ok so who wrote this post cuz I know good and well Ms. Pink Box USA didnt :waiting:

      aint none of us natives but the natives. so technically a foreigner has always won.

    • Anna

      OpinionHated says:

      Banging on a red solo cup beat out queefing as a talent?
      Her voice sounded ok, but she sang a song everybody knows. What was up w/them asking questions about Isis , and Ray Rice? Did somebody give her something to eat, she is very thin.

    • libra80sbaby

      OutsidetheBox says:

      She look a lil glowy to me @Libra! i hadnt heard! :bounce:
      :thinking: She do look it, dont it. Them tittys was sittin nice on that yacht last week too. Only thing makes me skeptical is she had liquor at that concert with Jay 2 weeks ago...but come to think about it, I saw it in her hand, but didnt see her drink it and that glass level didnt seem to change... #TooInvested or nah :lol:

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      It was horrible she beat miss MS who was a singer from American Idol. ..smh

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      San are you in here! !
      We have lots to discuss:
      Bang Bang 1
      Live chit
      Queen Princess of the world
      etc etc etc

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      I didnt even know this ish still came on or that ppl still watched it like for real-for real. a man could have won for all I care. its a dog show for women anyway. :yawn:

    • Wasting time

      aint none of us natives but the natives. so technically a foreigner has always won.

    • luVn_liFe…

      My biggest concern is that SHE is claiming 23?? sheesh by her face she looks 53!

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      I do think it would be unique. :yes: I mean her name ill beyonce..a last name first name hybrid. I expect something as out there as blue, jules, etc. Plus kelendria is due soon :heart:

      The lyric switch was bold as hail, Jay. They must be trying..or pretty far. I'm too superstitious!

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      Old ugly white chick.... she should be crying I would cry too if I was 23 and looked like Joan Rivers in the casket....

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      Who saw No Good Deed this weekend?

    • MsEducation

      Clearly Sandra didn't write this post being that she would be considered a "foreigner" being born in England. Having someone who is a 1st or 2nd generation American truly represents who our country really is.

      Sandra, please educate your writers to understand that our country consist of a melting pot of cultures and its because of these diversities that our country is great. Let's celebrate the differences instead of ostracizing.

      Just an observation!

    • User Friendly

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      scuse totes native

      by birth and contribution? yes. me too. and ol girl up there too.

      now lets pan to a native american, pose this question to them and try and manage not to get scalped for our audacity.

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      Dawn Neufeld is always talking s***.

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      No talent needed to be Miss America anymore

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      "Born to Russian Immmigrants"

      Was she born in the USA to russian parents??? Cause she's still American if she was born here.

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