Laiyah Shannon Brown

Monica IG

R&B diva Monica Brown shared photos of her adorable children Rodney Ramone “Rocko” Hill III, 9, and Laiyah Shannon, 13 mos., on her social media pages this week. Laiyah’s daddy is Miami Heat star Shannon Brown.

Monica wrote a poignant message about experiencing real Love for the first time when her children were born. Many women go through life searching for love, never able to find it, because true Love is experienced through the gift of life.

Laiyah and Dylan Skye Bosh

Laiyah and Dylan Skye Bosh, who celebrates her 1st birthday tomorrow, had a play date earlier this week. Dylan is the daughter of Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh.


Mo’s handsome son Rocko has the cutest backpack ever! This exotic backpack is truly one of a kind! Rocko’s dad is music mogul Rocko Da Don.

Photos by and Monica Brown

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