Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas

As a wise woman of a certain age, I often lecture my younger female friends about the perils of lunging head first down the aisle just to prove they have a man.

Men and women were born to procreate — and not necessarily with the same partner. The ritual of man meets woman, and woman drags man down the aisle often ends badly because men are designed to spread their seed around generously.

Actress Tasha Smith and her husband, Keith Douglas found out the hard way what happens to married couples when the Dopamine fades. Douglas filed for a restraining order against Tasha claiming he fears for his life.

From Rhymeswithsnitch.com:

Last week actress Tasha Smith’s husband Keith Douglas, filed a restraining order against her claiming Tasha likes to get blind drunk then threaten to have him hurt, leaving Keith fearing for his safety [click here if you missed that].

Tasha says she’s the one who should be scared…

According to TMZ Tasha just filed her own legal docs claiming her husband Keith, “flies into jealous rages, calling her a “f*cking dyke” and accusing her of sleeping with women and that, “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me.”

Tasha is prepared to have fellow actress Tisha Campbell back up her claims in court.

Didn’t they say Tisha Campbell was bisexual?

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