Adam Lambert Nick Jonas

No matter what you do, you can’t please women or gay men. They will always find something to complain about. Maybe it’s the Estrogen in their veins? Anyway, gay American Idol contestant Adam Lambert, left, called out heterosexual singer Nick Jonas on for “pandering” to his gay audiences.

Lambert “tweeted” a hypothetical question on social media platform, asking if gays should be “flattered” that Jonas panders to them.

Adam Lambert Nick Jonas

When the unexpected backlash occurred, Lambert tweeted, “No shade. I just wanna hear about music! Not be teased on weather someone MIGHT be bi curious or gay or straight. Who cares?! Lol.”

Apparently Lambert cared enough to ask a dumb question.

Entitled gays like Lambert think only other gays should perform in front of gay audiences. That type of divisive, exclusionary attitude is very prevalent in the gay community, where lesbians are routinely barred from partying with gay men in gay nightclubs.

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