Chris Brown concert

Gangsta singer Chris Brown was just winding down his paid gig at a jam packed San Jose nightclub on Saturday when gunfire erupted near the stage, sending clubgoers scrambling toward the exits.

Apparently, a fight is what triggered the gunplay.

“Oh, them n*ggas getting’ it IN over there,” Brown announced excitedly before shots rang out.

When the smoke cleared, five people were shot and wounded in the melee, police say.

Brown was not among the injured.

Brown’s fans reportedly paid between $50 and $2,500 to see him lip sync.

Five people were shot and wounded near a San Jose nightclub early Sunday where controversial R&B singer Chris Brown was making an appearance, authorities said.

The shooting happened near the Fiesta nightclub on Monterey Street and Rancho Drive about 1:20 a.m.

Paramedics took four victims, most of whom were shot in the arms or legs, to area hospitals. A fifth victim showed up at a hospital. target=”_blank”>Source

Trouble seems to follow Brown wherever he goes. The 25-year-old singer who is reportedly gang-affiliated was also performing at a nightclub when music exec Suge Knight was shot last August.

Watch Brown flinch in reaction to the shooting before he was dragged off the stage by club security.

UPDATE: Brown’s feelings were hurt when he read the numerous “punk” and “bitch” comments directed towards him on The Shade Room’s IG page for flinching and ducking after the shots rang out. He clapped back in an official statement about black people being “ignorant” and needing “leaders” and such. “This ain’t no Western. What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot.” he queried.

Chris Brown concert

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