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The Houston Police Department is investigating at least one report that a security guard at Travis Scott's Astroworld concert was injected with an unknown substance.

Eight people died and hundreds were injured after a crowd surge and stampede at NRG Park in Houston, Texas on Friday night, according to police.

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Scott's Astroworld team disputes the crowd surge stories. Astroworld claims someone was going around injecting people with an unknown substance that caused sudden cardiac arrest.

Police Chief Troy Finner confirmed a security guard working for Astroworld felt a prick in his neck while he was trying to restrain a citizen, according to TMZ.

The guard reportedly fell unconscious and was revived with Narcan, an emergency drug administered by paramedics to reverse a suspected opioid overdose.


There are no other reports of people being pricked by needles at the concert.

However, there are a plethora of witness accounts of fans being crushed by a crowd surge at the front of the stage.

Travis Scott has a history of encouraging risky behaviors at his concerts.

In 2017, a Scott was sued by a fan who was seriously injured when the rapper urged people to jump off a balcony at a concert in New York.

The 23-year-old fan said Scott yelled at his security guards to bring him to the stage.

"They didn't put a backboard or a neck brace on me or anything, they just kinda lifted me up and pulled me around. Then they dropped me in front of the stage."

A Reddit user posted a video that shows an enraged Scott urging concertgoers to beat up a fan who stole one of his sneakers.

Scott can be head yelling "Get that MF, get him. You tried to take my shoe? F*** him up! F*** him up!"

He then ordered his security to escort the kid out of the venue before spitting at him.

Watch the video below.

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