Malia and Sasha Obama

First daughter Malia Obama, right, apparently has a social media account. A rare ‘selfie’ (cell phone self portrait) that was apparently taken by the lanky 16-year-old somehow wound up online and is being retweeted on and Instagram.

Malia and Sasha Obama

The image shows the teenager fixing her long, natural hair. It isn’t clear if the picture was taken in the Obama family’s private quarters of White House or their rented vacation manse in Hawaii.

Normally the White House maintains strict control over images of Malia and Sasha Obama that end up in the public arena. The fact that this photo surfaced online — and the fact that President Obama and his family will soon move out of the White House — must mean they are preparing the Obama girls for a normal life outside the White House.

What’s more normal than a Selfie?

Hopefully this means I won’t get an email from the White House ordering me to take down this photo as they have done in the past.

You’re probably wondering how Malia took the picture if both of her hands are occupied. It’s the White House; I’m sure Malia’s cell phone is more technically advanced than ours.