Guess who

Tongues are wagging that a rap mogul’s disgruntled baby mama plans to tie the knot in Atlanta today! The quickie wedding comes on the heels of the surprise wedding of the rap mogul who married his longtime girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

This news comes as a surprise to everyone. It seems no one knew the baby mama even had a boyfriend, much less a fiancé. Sources tell exclusively that the baby mama is rushing down the aisle with a Buckhead businessman. The quickie wedding comes less than 2 weeks before the final child custody hearing scheduled for this month at the Fulton County Courthouse.

Sources say the baby mama is desperate to prove to the court that she is a competent mom who can provide a stable home environment for her 1-year-old daughter.

None of this has been confirmed, so please don’t repeat any of it outside of this blog. Talk amongst yourselves!


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