North West

A new video has surfaced online showing socialite Kim Kardashian forgetting her 21-month-old daughter, North West, in a hotel in Paris, France. Kim and Nori are in Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week with fledgling fashion designer Kanye West.

The video which was uploaded to, shows Kim, Nori and their bodyguard walking down a hallway in a Paris hotel.

As Kim strolls down the hall, deep in her own thoughts, her inquisitive daughter Nori pauses to inspect the crush of paparazzi who had their noses and camera lenses pressed against the hotel’s plate glass window.

If it wasn’t for Kim’s bodyguard alerting her that she forgot something, Kim likely would have gotten onto the elevator without North West.

An embarrassed Kim rushed back down the hall to gather her daughter by the hand — like most protective mothers would do when they are with their toddlers in public.

It isn’t the first time Kim has “forgotten” her daughter.

In a similar well-publicized incident last October, Kim forgot the infant at another hotel in Paris, France. Kim got as far as her waiting limo before she realized she forgot her cell phone charger… and her baby.

This latest incident has prompted Kim’s fans to wonder if drugs or alcohol addiction is impairing Kim’s judgment and causing her to be so absent minded.

Thanks to loyal reader Ashland for the tip.