Neil Patrick Harris

Narcissistic actor Neil Patrick Harris was caught on camera screaming and raging at his adorable 4-year-old twins on March 3, outside the New York brownstone he shares with his “husband” David Burtka.

The openly gay 41-year-old actor is seen in paparazzi photos screaming at the children as he leaves them behind on the street.

In one photo, Harris, his jaw clenched with rage, drags his son, Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris, down the brownstone steps. The boy is stunned by the intensity of Harris’s anger and starts to wail. Harris then screams at the boy to shut up.

According to Radar Online, Harris then walked down the street, leaving the twins behind.

Neil Patrick Harris

Since they were delivered by a surrogate 4 years ago, the Burtka-Harris twins have never known the loving and nurturing arms of a mom. There’s no telling what the twins have seen and heard living with that narcissist behind closed doors.

This is obviously not the rosy picture of family life that Harris wants the public to see. Like most narcissists, Harris carefully controls the images that the public is allowed to see of him.

Though they make great fathers, men’s brains are not wired to be nurturing or patient with small children.

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