Honey Maid ad features gay parents

Nabisco, the makers of Honey Maid Graham Cracker, sparked controversy with its new ad campaign featuring 2 gay men as parents. The commercial was published on YouTube.com on March 10, and Nabisco says the ad has attracted “10 times” more positive comments than negative ones.

“Today we celebrate all families. From working moms to two moms; stay at home dads to single dads; adopted kids to surrogate kids. Honey Maid recognizes that the reality of family has changed, but the wholesome connections that all families share will endure. #thisiswholesome,” the company stated on the video.

But some viewers disagreed with Honey Maid’s definition of wholesome.

“What does a Graham cracker have to do with homosexuality? There is no point to this commercial what so ever. Does the store make it any sweeter d**n liberal bastards,” wrote Lori Desko in a comment under the video.

YouTube user Twitch1872 responded “welcome to the real world, families like this exist get over it.”

In a statement following Honey Maid’s promotion of the commercial, family values group One Million Moms chided the group for attempting to “normalize sin” and threatened to boycott the company’s brand of Graham crackers.

“Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves for their latest Honey Maid and Teddy Graham cracker commercial where they attempt to normalize sin. Right away it shows two men with a baby, followed by other families, and ends with different families pictured including the one with two dads,” said the organization.

“This commercial not only promotes homosexuality, but then calls the scene in the advertisement wholesome. The ad states, ‘Everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome,'” the group continued.

“One Million Moms stands up for biblical truth, which is very clear in Romans 1:26-27, about this particular type of sexual perversion…this is truly sad. If this is what Honey Maid thinks is wholesome, then my family will no longer purchase Honey Maid or Nabisco products,” ended the statement.

The company simply responded with a video showing the number of supporters of the commercial dwarfing the number against it.

“We made a commercial about what makes families, family. And we received a lot of comments. See what we did with them,” said the company with a link to the video below.