Necole Btchie and Nicki Minaj

Rap mogul Nicki Minaj publicly chastised then ‘unfollowed’ blogger Necole Bitchie on yesterday. Minaj took quick action after Necole (or one of her subordinates) wrote a post claiming Minaj shared love tweets with her ex-boyfriend and weed carrier, Safaree Samuels, on their 11th anniversary.

As you know, Minaj and Samuels broke up months ago and Minaj is now shacking up with convicted felon rapper Meek Mill.

Minaj tweeted: “@necolebitchie that’s a fraudulent story. I expect more from u at this point in your career.”

To which Minaj’s followers replied in unison: “WHAT CAREER”?

Necole Btchie and Nicki Minaj tweets

Minaj and Bitchie, who are both bisexuals, were the subject of a scandalous rumor that spread around the industry like wildfire a few years ago. A couple of bloggers who knew about the scandal were hit with C&Ds before we could even breathe a word about the rumor on our blogs.

Oh well, that’s all water under the bridge now.


Nicki Minaj didn’t take too kindly to the internet and blogs, in particular, running with the story that Nicki Minaj and ex Safaree were subtweeting love for each other on what would’ve allegedly been their 11th anniversary.

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