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Chris Parker writes:

My name is Chris Parker (@ChrisFierce & cuff designs on Twitter… owner of CFierceGraphicDesigns) and I am sending you this email in regards to non-payment for work that was commissioned by ‘R&B Diva’s LA’ star Lil’ Mo. Work that included Logos, a single cover, promotional flyers, and a bio press kit for her website.

On September 6th I received a Direct Message and Tweet from Lil’ Mo telling me to check my Email because she had sent me something that she needed as quickly as possible. The email stated that she needed me to create a press kit graphic for her website using the attached photo and the edited document that she sent and also cover art for her second single titled “L’s UP”.

I finished both designs on September 8th and sent it to her through an email.

She replied by Direct Message letting me know that the design was “hot” and that she’s sending it over to her GM. And she will recommend me for future designs. She asked me if I had a paypal account. I sent over my PayPal information and my price, which was $100.00 for the bio and $75.00 for the single cover — which totaled $175.00.

On September 12 I received an email from PayPal stating that I received a payment from “Honey Child Entertainment, INC.” in the amount of $75.00 which is $25.00 short. But before I could log into my account, I received a notification stating that the payment was cancelled and a payment of $50.00 was sent instead — which is now a $50.00 short, plus the $100.00 for the bio. So in total I was shorted $150.00.

I received a tweet and Direct message from Lil’ Mo asking me to check my email because she needs me to create a business promotional flyer for her Wast Trainers, a logo for her band, and a logo for her ex-husband, Philip Bryant’s company Writerz Blok Music Group, LLC.

The email also included three photos, the title of the waist snatcher, contact information and a description.

I direct messaged her back and told her what I was charging her. She replied by saying “okay great!”, and told me that I was on her design promo team because she is going to need me for a lot of upcoming things.

I finished the design about 4 or 5 hours later and emailed the item to her. She emailed me back stating that she’s in church and her Wifi is acting up, but as soon as she leaves she will be sending the payment on over because she doesn’t want to keep me waiting.

Days passed and I never heard anything from her after that. I kept tweeting, emailing and direct messaging her about my money and not once did she reply. I was then unfollowed and blocked from further contacting her or her company.

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