Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jackson Wang made history with his performance at last weekend’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Wang became the first Chinese artist to perform a solo set at Coachella. But he had a little help.

Wang performed his new song “Slow” alongside Grammy-winning American singer Ciara.

Ciara’s set included a medley of Missy Elliot‘s “Lose Control” and her own hits, “Level Up” and “Goodies.”

Wang and Ciara then teamed up to perform her hit “1, 2, Step” before doing a remix of XG‘s viral TikTok hit, “Left Right.”

A loyal reader wrote in to share her review of Ciara and Wang’s performance. The reader’s opinions are her own.

“Hi Sandra. Did not want to put this request in off topic but it is HOT! Please discuss Ciara guess starring in Jackson Wang’s performance at 2023 Coachella. Ciara did OK, but Jackson was a hot mess! His set was alright, but the taking swiggs from a cognac bottle every few minutes was to say the least off-putting. He looked and dressed like Cruella Deville and wore dark makeup around his eyes. You can guess why, but I’d like to see what the roses have to say about this. Thanks! [sic]”

Watch the video below.