Photo may have been deleted

A Chicago woman was arrested following an altercation at a Forest Park, Illinois gas station that left her SUV flipped on its roof.

Facebook user Jae Millz uploaded the full video of the confrontation between Kendra Y. Nance, 31, and two women at the Thorntons gas station on the corner of Jackson Blvd. and Harlem Ave in Forest Park.

Millz told FOX 32 Chicago that he was with his family when Nance, driving a Ford SUV, began arguing with two women at the gas station.

“They started throwing cups and bottles. I said it’s about to escalate,” Millz told FOX 32 Chicago.

Witness Aliyah Davis told ABC7 Chicago the argument began after the women laughed at Nance.

Nance’s boyfriend tried to intervene to restore calm, but Nance continued to hurl homophobic and racist slurs at the women.

The argument escalated to violence when Nance accelerated her vehicle into a red SUV in the gas station. As she fled the scene, she dragged her boyfriend who held on to the driver’s side door.

Photo may have been deleted

He managed to let go of the door without going under the wheels. Nance sped into the roadway and collided with another vehicle at the intersection, causing her SUV to flip over on its roof.

Nance escaped through the broken driver’s side window while laughing and berating the other women in the gas station.

Photo may have been deleted

The full video shows Nance and her boyfriend running away from the scene. Nance’s boyfriend took a swing at Millz before the video cut out (watch the full video here).

Forest Park police eventually located Nance and her boyfriend. They were both transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Nance was arrested and charged with felony criminal damage to property, aggravated assault, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

She is due in court for a bond hearing on Tuesday, April 18.

Watch the video below.