Blake Brockington suicide

18-year-old Blake Brockington committed suicide after she discovered that life doesn’t get better when you have a mental illness and you don’t receive adequate therapy.

Brockington, who graduated from East Mecklenburg High School in 2014, was named homecoming ‘king’ after she won a fundraising competition raising $2,335.55 for charity.

Her untimely death was announced on Tuesday by the Time Out Youth Center, a LGBT youth services agency where Brockington received support but not therapy.

Brockington was a transgender activist and an outspoken advocate of transgender rights.

She also mentored a 9-year-old gender confused girl who lives her life as a boy.

“He really looks up to me. That’s my heart,” Brockington said of the little girl. “He has support now and he will be able to avoid just about everything I’m going through and I don’t want him to ever have to be scared. I feel like if I do this, that’s one red flag for everybody to say, ‘Nobody should be scared to be themselves and everybody should have an equal opportunity to have an enjoyable high school experience.’”

The Gay Agenda promotes the mantra “it gets better,” while convincing mentally ill children as young as 4 that their identity confusion issues are normal.

But while the gay community builds a false sense of security around these children, their families and the real world rejects the normalization of abnormal sexual behavior.

They often take their own lives as the reality sets in that wearing gender specific clothing and adopting the characteristics of the opposite sex does not make them the opposite sex.

Gender confusion usually accompanies other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. It’s no surprise that roughly 40% of LGBT people commit suicide.

“I’m still a person,” Brockington said before committing suicide. “And trans people are still people. Our bodies just don’t match what’s up (in our heads). We need support, not people looking down at us or degrading us or overlooking us. We are still human.”

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