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Torrey Ward

Illinois State Associate Head Coach Torrey Ward was among 7 passengers killed in a plane crash near Bloomington airport early Tuesday.

Torrey and five others were traveling on Scott Bittner's private plane on the way back home after attending the NCAA tournament title game in Indianapolis on Monday.

Torrey's last tweet on Monday was a photo of the plane that he would perish in just hours later.

He tweeted "My ride to the game wasn't bad.. #indy2015f4"

Torrey Ward

From Chicago Tribune:

"My daughter's husband and three other men and the pilot went to the NCAA game last night and they were flying back and I guess the weather was bad in central Illinois. It was foggy," Scott Barrows, Bitner's father-in-law, told the Chicago Tribune.

"They were supposed to land around midnight. My daughter was called at 4 a.m. There was no contact. It has been confirmed they are dead."

Ward starred at Phillips High School in Birmingham before guiding UAB to the NCAA tournament in 1999. He graduated with his degree in 2001.

He later served as an assistant at Jacksonville State and Ole Miss. He was the associate head coach at Illinois State before his death.

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      Struggling state-run carrier Air India has grounded two of its pilots after a fight erupted between the pair just before takeoff, reports said Monday.

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      The co-pilot was irritated by his superior's request to write down critical information for the flight, such as the number of passengers on board, take off weight and fuel uptake, the Times Of India reported.

      "The co-pilot took offence at this and reportedly beat up the captain," the newspaper said, quoting unnamed sources.

      "In the larger interest of the airline the commander decided to go ahead with the flight and flew to Delhi," the daily added.

      The airline denied any violence took place, saying there was only a verbal argument between the pair, according to the Press Trust of India.

      "There were only heated exchanges between the commander and co-pilot over some issue. We have already derostered the two pilots pending an enquiry," an Air India spokesman told the news agency.

      The carrier could not be reached for comment.


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