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Lil Wayne lists troubled mansion

Rap mogul Lil Wayne has had enough of unwanted visitors, prostitutes and random stalkers camping out on his front lawn.

Weezy's Miami Beach mansion has been the scene of numerous headline-generating incidents such as that hoax 911 call about a mass murder inside the home that resulted in police and news helicopters hovering over the neighborhood.

Lil Wayne lists troubled mansion

One news helicopter discovered a unique feature that wasn't there when the diminutive rhyme slayer first bought the house: a custom skateboard park.

Lil Wayne lists troubled mansion

The 32-year-old father of 4 purchased the ultra modern waterfront property for $11.6 million in 2006. He hopes to make a quick profit of $6 million if the 15,000 square foot, 9 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansion sells for close to the asking price.


The listing describes the home as "ultra-modern," with "rich woods, expanses of glass, steel & select marble... lavished throughout." Note that most of those materials don't retain much of a smell — just in case you were wondering if a home lived in by Lil Wayne would retain a certain odor. We aren't joking about that concern: In 2009, Wayne was trying to sell a half-million-dollar Miami Beach condo. A potential buyer toured the home and then blabbed to Page Six that the place had an overwhelming stench of marijuana.

The mansion also includes sky terraces, a three-bedroom guest house, and a two-story master suite with its own glass elevator.

It also has central cooling, in case you were wondering.

The home has become something of a local landmark. Notice in the above photo that Google Maps actually labels it the "Lil Wayne House." Besides that swatting incident, Wayne has been plagued by crazy fans making pilgrimages to the place.

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