Lil Wayne

Hip Hop magnate Lil Wayne narrowly escaped death in a drive by shooting on Atlanta’s highways early Sunday morning. A tour bus Lil Wayne was riding on was shot up by a street gang associated with a local rapper.

Lil wayne Hosts Compound Sundays

It all started when rapper Young Thug and his heavily armed associates were reportedly denied entry into Compound Nigthclub, where Weezy was performing. Young Thug was booed by a hostile crowd in Weezy’s native Louisiana 24 hours earlier.

Young Thug’s associates allegedly confronted Wayne and his crew when the club let out around 3 a.m. An altercation allegedly took place outside the tour buses. Sources say off-duty Atlanta police officers escorted the tour buses from the club to as far as the Cobb County line.

Lil wayne Hosts Compound Sundays

But a caravan of cars pursued the convoy of buses and police cars onto I-285 near I-75. When APD turned around and drove out of sight, people inside the cars let off a volley of gunshots from automatic weapons.

Lil wayne Hosts Compound Sundays

The bullet-riddled tour buses limped back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 3376 Peachtree Street in Buckhead, where someone called police.

There were no reported injuries or fatalities.

Lil Waynes baby mama Sarah Vivan in the VIP

One of Weezy’s baby mamas, radio personality Sarah Vivan, partied in the VIP.

Shanell AKA SNL

Weezy’s artist Shanell AKA SNL showed off her 2-tone hair weave.

Thanks to Prince Williams of ATLpics.Net for the exclusive photos!