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Plies body slammed onstage

Rapper Plies was rudely picked up and body slammed by a fan at a Florida nightclub on Friday night.

Plies body slammed onstage

According to numerous published reports, the rapper was performing onstage when he observed club security pushing a fan away from the stage. For some reason Plies thought it would be a good idea to ask them to bring the ragamuffin to the stage.

Once onstage, the ragamuffin, who obviously was under the influence of something, violated Plies's personal space by breathing on him.

When Plies -- who is rumored to be bisexual -- said, "We too close to be two n*ggas," the fan gave Plies a bear hug and body slammed him.

Plies, who was not injured, gathered himself quickly and continued his performance -- whilst club security punched, kicked, and stomped the young man into submission.

Plies body slammed onstage

Videos of the incident are all over the Internet. Including one video created by the bloodied fan who explains why he suplexed the rapper.

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    So how did plies get to be bisessual in all of this :facepalm:

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    This gave me life this morning. :crying: Especially when he yelled "color money" as he descended into the air. :crying:

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    Old dudes fingers are pointed north, south, east AND west. At the same damn time :peace: :hahaha:

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    Security was too busy trying to put on that sunset orange backpack and let lil homie get tossed :crying1: Nigga thought he could fly for a minute :hahaha:

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    There's another vid of plies dragging the dude off stage and hitting him it's crazy he shoulda known anybody that oily don't give two fawks

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    :newbie: LOL, security failed him that night. But dude has on a zebra print shirt with red roses.

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    Wait, Plies asked the police to bring the mentally ill "fan" on stage??? And the security obliged against security proper protocol? :blink:

    That is some dumb ish.