Stephen Bishop on Wendy Williams

Sexy Stephen Bishop, star of BET’s hit relationship TV drama Being Mary Jane, was a guest on the top-rated Wendy Williams Show today.

One of the features of Wendy’s popular show is the “shoe cam” — a close-up camera angle of her male guests’ shoes.

Stephen Bishop on Wendy Williams

Wendy’s unspoken motivation for her “shoe cam” is to whet the imagination of her female viewers. The conventional wisdom is that there is a direct correlation between a man’s shoe size and the length of his junk.

For this reason, Wendy’s more savvy male guests wear shoes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than what they normally wear.

This morning, your auntie tweeted a screen shot of Stephen’s shoe cam. Wendy was more impressed with the length of Stephen’s fingers — and for good reason. Stephen’s shoes barely filled the TV screen.

I tweeted: “Sorry ladies, @Stephencbishop has small feet. But @WendyWilliams notes that he has unusually long fingers.”

The tweet caught Stephen’s attention, and he was quick to inform my readers that he wears an impressive size 13 shoe! I stand corrected.