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Baltimore Six

In an unprecedented move, 3 white police officers were charged in the death of a black man.

In total, six Baltimore police officers were charged with 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, and gross negligence in the death of Freddie Gray, 25.

Baltimore City state's attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the charges against the officers on Friday. She said Gray was fatally injured in the back of a police transport van during a rough ride.

Officer Caesar Goodson, the 45-year-old driver of the police transport van, faces six charges. The most serious charge is "second-degree depraved heart murder," for ignoring Gray's serious condition. He faces 30 years in prison if convicted.

All six officers were arrested and released on bail Friday. They are expected to be suspended without pay.

Baltimore Six

Lt. Brian W. Rice, 41, is the bike patrol officer who first made eye contact with Gray on the morning of April 12th. Gray ran and he was pursued by officers Garrett E. Miller, 26, and Edward M. Nero. The officers tackled Gray and handcuffed him.

According to WBAL, Gray told the officers he couldn't breathe and asked for an inhaler. The officers sat him up and searched his pockets. They found a folded knife clipped to his front pocket, but no inhaler.

Mosby said the folding knife was "lawful" and Gray should not have been arrested.

The officers again placed Gray face down on the ground. Gray reportedly began screaming and flailing his legs. Nero, 29, held Gray down using his knee on Gray's back in a common police restraint tactic.

When Goodson arrived with the police van, Nero and Rice put Gray in the back of the van. Neither officer buckled Gray's set belt.

During one of 4 stops along the route to the Western District police station, Miller, Nero and Rice (all of whom are white) took Gray out of the van and put leg shackles and flex handcuffs on him.

During the route to the police station, Goodson requested assistance with Gray, who was "irate" and asking for medical help.

Officer William S. Porter arrived, and he and Goodson opened the door to check on Gray. Both Goodson and Porter are black.

Porter, 25, helped Gray off the floor and to the bench. At this point Gray was alert but still agitated. Neither Porter nor Goodson called for an ambulance.

Sgt. Alcia White met the paddy wagon at the 4th stop to pick up the 2nd prisoner, Donta Allen, 22.

White put Allen into the back of the van. A metal partition separated Allen from Gray.

White, Goodson and Porter observed Gray lying unresponsive on the floor of the van. , According to Mosby, White "spoke to the back of Gray's head," but there was no response.

Goodson, White and Porter did not call for an ambulance, according to Mosby.

The next stop was the police station, where Goodosn removed Allen from the van and took him inside to be processed by booking. For an undetermined period of time no one checked on Gray lying motionless in the van.

By the time someone checked on Gray, he was not breathing and was in full cardiac arrest.

An ambulance transported Gray to a hospital, where he died one week later.

The circuitous ride to the police station took nearly an hour, despite the fact that it was only a few blocks from where Gray was arrested.

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    • thriftStoreJungle

      thanks for this, auntie. although i would be lying if i said i wasnt dissapointed that "we" were involved in taking this young man's life, i do hope justice is served. swiftly.

    • thriftStoreJungle

      i hope these THUGS are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law :handclap:

    • Chicago Lady

      I pray justice is served. Rest In Peace, Freddie Gray. hit in on the head when you called those idiots THUGS!!!!

    • Unshakable


      I co-sign your sentiment. I am learning more and more that skinfolk ain't necessarily kinfolk. Sad that after all that has gone on since Amadou Diallo "we" would be part of such a social issue that continually raises the issue of whether Blacks matter in the United States.

      Anyone who has taken time to research the history of policing, from its inception to current times would know and appreciate the underpinnings of race and its correlation to law enforcement.

      I pray to God that all six will be held accountable to the fullest extent possible.

      Side Note - I wonder what people like those above will do or say on Judgment Day? :think:

    • Yardgirl

      Thanks for the post Miss Sandra! State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is under fire with claims that this is a rush to judgement. FOH with that BS!! :cuss: That sister is no dummy, people wanted a swift investigation and outcome and she delivered it. Bastids trying to say she has a conflict of interest because she is from Freddie's area. She is shutting that shyte down swiftly. Love or hate her, she is at least doing the dang thang!!

      OT: Sending prayers out to BB King :crying: There is a FB photo posted yesterday that had me crying!! Charges of elder abuse and whatnot!! Black Jesus take the wheel from satan and help brother King. Amen. :pray:

    • Mother Of Dragons, Shopaholic, Geek

      The driver has the most serious charges. They're going with "the 'rough ride' did it"...although I suspect he was injured before he was put in the paddy wagon. The other officers will probably get away with it :smh: Good morning Roses. Off to the gym, I have to put in serious work since I'm totally pigging out later.

    • lovezoe

      When some blacks put on blue, they are no longer black.

    • Meme81

      Good Saturday, everyone!

      Great job, B-more! Now, we just need a conviction and you'll be all good. :yes:

    • rockstar

      If they are not all convicted there will be a heavy price to pay. People are tired of the bullshit. These social injustice uprisings are just getting started.
      Mr. Kings daughter is trying to get power of attorney away from his manager, whom is being negligent with his healthcare. The daughter called the police over to his house so they could see what condition he was in, because the manager refused to allow him to go to the hospital. It's a sad situation.

      Yardgirl says:

      OT: Sending prayers out to BB King :crying: There is a FB photo posted yesterday that had me crying!! Charges of elder abuse and whatnot!! Black Jesus take the wheel from satan and help brother King. Amen. :pray:

    • luVn_liFe…

      This tragedy brings to light the biggest ISSUE of all. . . Police Brutality is Out of control.

      It has to stop!

      Happy Saturday to ALL :wave:

    • luVn_liFe…

      hat sister is no dummy, people wanted a swift investigation and outcome and she delivered it
      ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ ~
      YES, Yardi! :hug: and :kiss: I hope ur well

    • #missyJSays

      @Zoe wouldn't even say it takes the blue.

      You know the type of black folks that won't speak up in front of a white person. White is right after all :eyeroll: :tea:

    • Ni ni

      Mr. Kings daughter is trying to get power of attorney away from his manager, whom is being negligent with his healthcare.
      Is the manager of the other persuasion :rolleyes: ? Regardless, it's funny how the mangers always weasel their ways to become poa or executives of estates and such and the family is left out.

    • Yardgirl

      Hi Luvie!!!!! :love: How've you been? I have not seen you around for a long time (but I am usually not on myself either lol). Miss seeing your font lovely one!!:hug:

    • KiMi0414

      @User Friendly if you're in here, was it 2 tbsp of ACV a day or 1? I just bought a bottle of Bragg's Raw Unfiltered

    • whitty hutton

      I do 2 tbsp per day in a small glass of water, oj or Apple juice

    • Yardgirl

      @kimi, I also do 2 tbsp per day, and I just take it straight (I got used to the taste and this way I get it down it quickly!) I am sure it is easier to start off it mixed though.

    • bama_n_jersey

      @Yardgirl I gave my daughter some ACV this morning for her skin. I tried it in water with her...but ended up just giving it to her straight. She ain't like it, but oh well. We would still be waiting for her to drink it the other way.

    • whitty hutton

      U gotta be careful the acidity doesn't aggravate her stomach, especially since shes younger and taking it everyday. That's why I mix it. Plus the acid can cause tooth erosion over time.

    • San ah make ya dance

      Yall trying to burn yall esophagus?? :crying1: j/k but naw couldn't be me. I always pour in my cranberry juice. I don't even measure :ashamed:

    • San ah make ya dance

      @whitty exactly, I try to remember to use straws with it all the time

    • Blanche Devereaux

      Living with somebody you don't like is so difficult :no: y'all pray that I don't end up punching this mf in the jaw :no: I'm sick of the foolishness

    • MisUnderstood

      Do it Blanche. Do it for the vine. Do it for the blog :rofl: :lol:

    • bama_n_jersey

      I was planning to give it to her every other day...but I'll definitely mix it next time. The cranberry may be better than water for her.

      @Blanche...don't do it Miss Celie. just putting the man out your car and zoomed off...I wished I could have seen it :rofl: did he call you yet?

    • Unshakable


      Did you get my e-mail addy from a few posts byke? :think: I checked my e-mail and saw no correspondence from you.


      Guhl, is you tryna stir up ratchet in Blanche Devereaux's household early in the mernin? :rofl:


      Seaux I went into the beauty supply store, right? There was this sprite police officer there, looking all prim and proper. I spoke to him and said, "hello." He said hello very gruffly, like speaking exuded a great deal of energy. I eem said have a nice day, and he muttered something under his breaf.

      My point is.....some of them don't eem know how to take it back to basics. I mean, what happened to just plain ole fashioned cordiality? Part of the issue between community citizens and law enforcement is a breakdown in basic communications. But let me had stolen something or worn a hoodie, I would have had his full attention. Tuh :tea:

    • MisUnderstood

      Bama he called me three times that night & twice today. We're friends so he'll be aite

    • sassyshe

      Morning all

      did you guys hear my future pretty ms hillary take a stance on police brutality. That's why I :love: her so. The statement by the orioles coach was the most honest thing a yt person could say

    • Blanche Devereaux

      It was gonna be real life fight night up in here :tea: I don't like when folks pick at me. I'm tired or mad leave me be :nono:

      And no unshake I barelee been in here especially this week been so busy at the job. I'll drop my email again then send me a tester. Unless you have Dubs can get it from her.

    • KiMi0414

      Hey yall. I mixed the ACV in water. It's an acquired taste to say the least :lol: hopefully I'll see benefits

    • Mother Of Dragons, Shopaholic, Geek

      Hey Roses!
      Shake that's ridiculous. Even I say a polite hello won't kill you. Azzhole pig.
      MisU I'm glad you kicked his azz out the car.
      Blanche try and stay calm. A person who knows how to push your buttons WILL push them. Don't let him take you there.
      KiMi it's disgusting. I do think you learn to tolerate it though.
      Bama acv is torture for a child, good luck.

      So...there's a reason I didn't want to have a fight party, ESPECIALLY with DF's friends. They don't know when to go home. Negro still had people in the house at 4am. I finally had to text him and say unless the mofos are cleaning up get them the fyuck out of the house. Then he comes to bed wanting to :hunching: because he's drunk... :smh:

    • #missyJSays

      @Mod you were so sweet to text. I walk around with a trash bag and start handing out cleaning assignments. And onedem would put the trash bag in the can before they drove off.. But folks say I mean :tea: I call it helping folks remember their home training.

    • Blanche Devereaux

      I'll never have an event at my crib. I remember last summer one of BDs friends came over and we all got drunk ...he ain't leave til 11am the next day. I wake up to this nigga drinking Bacardi like its coffee, sitting on my couch. FOH :chase:

    • KiMi0414

      I gotta stop trying these health stuff y'all post. I got some wheatgrass and :nono:

    • SugarFoot

      @Bama dilute it before u give it to her! It's still an acid and will mess up her teeth and stomach if taken straight. Since she is using it for skincare, she can apply it to her face with a cotton ball if needed. I mix mine with juice or tea and I have the tablets :-)

    • SugarFoot

      MissU u shouldve taken his azz to the nearest bus stop and gave him $3 :chase: how is it your fault that he didn't count his change gtfoh

    • bama_n_jersey

      @kimi...I bought some super food with wheatgrass in in. I don't know why we keep listening to these heffas in here.

      @Sugar...I may just rub it on her legs instead of making her drink it. Y'all got me feeling bad.

    • MisUnderstood

      @Sugarfoot, Chile this why I is happily single. But that man can :lick: & :hump: like he took extra lessons. :phew: worked me ova last night. :biggrin:

    • MisUnderstood

      That wasn't a fight, that was a money dance. Tuh

    • Buttercup

      Kimi, did you find your gig on flex jobs? Lil Butter always leaves me in the summer, so I need to find something to occupy my time. May as well make some money while I'm at it.

    • KiMi0414

      @Buttercup yep. That's where I found it. They have A LOT of jobs on there. You'll find something easily.

    • Simple person

      that's funny that you all are mentioning unfiltered vinegar. the bragg one is not as harsh as the one made by Heinz but its hard to find in my area. I drink 2+ tablespoons in a 16 oz glass of water with a bit of cranberry juice, 1.5 tablespoons of Metamucil and the contents of a celestial tea true blueberry bag. YUM! lol

      this Baltimore situation aint over yall. there WILL be more riots once its all said and done.

      is anyone affected by the earthquake up north or the one in cali? its the end times yall!

      and I made me a pink head band to go with my pink swing dress today yayyy!

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      MisU, I agree. It was a money dance. I was just telling someone who didn't see the fight that it was boring and no one was hurt (like bloody face/swollen/stumbling). I would've been pissed if I paid for it and there wasn't a party attached.

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      How are you ladies doing? And how was your weekends?

    • Unshakable

      @MOD - and that's one of the reasons I love you seaux!! I agree on both fronts. Officer Rude was just that....just plain misconduck offa GP alone! :rofl:

      And I alseaux agree with you about peepa not knowing when to leave. When peepa wear out their welcome, it's irritating like PMS. You be looking at the clock/your watch like :think: then look at the peepa like :blink: And you know what? Some just don't know how to take a cue. But your approach was tasteful and acceptable! Kudos to you for keeping your cool! worries babe, I just wanted you to know I ain't forgot about you! And don't do it babe. Ain't nobody worth your sanity. You have more important things to focus on (your health and your precious babies). Nobody can take mama's place. :hug: educate me, mkay? For the ACV, do you use it by drinking it diluted and putting it on your face with a cotton ball or is it either/or? :think: Can you put on a regla moisturizer after using ACV or nah? Seaux mannie, mannie home made remedies and concoctions. I :love: it. :hahaha:

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      I also have a bottle of ACV. I haven't been able to bring myself to drink it yet, even tho that was the purpose of my buying it, but I do use it to clarify my hair from product build up.

    • bama_n_jersey

      @Shake...from what I've read, you can do both... Drink it or put it on the skin. I'm using it for my daughter because she has atopic eczema...bad. I'm also drinking it for health/weight issues.

    • bama_n_jersey

      @Petty....I may have to look into using it on our hair. How does it help?

      Also, when people don't wanna leave I just get my broom and start sweeping around them...they get the hint :tea:

    • bama_n_jersey

      I'm so glad I didn't order the fight. I heard it was boring and plus we were sleep. weekend was busy. Daughter softball game, fair, and shopping yesterday. Today I had two softball games (I's tired) and my daughter had a softball clinic..then her team stayed and watched the minor league game. I'm laying down now and about to read myself to sleep.

    • Mother Of Dragons, Shopaholic, Geek

      I was not cool :lol: My text was mean. I was like "Unless those muthafuckas are cleaning this house get them the fyuck out. NOW. There are children and a 90 year old woman sleeping. My patience for immature bs ended at 1:30. Time for them to go home to mamas couch or basement or whatever." His response was "I'm sorry baby. Ok. I'm bout to give you this drunk dyck." :facepalm:

      Are y'all watching this RHOA reunion? This is the epitome of petty. It is actually sad at this point. I'm turning this off and going to take a shower and do a detox bath.

    • Unshakable


      Lol....yep I watched it and you know what? I wished there was more unity amongst them. I thought of our strong Black women throughout slavery and Civil Rights and this is what we've graduated to? facepalm:

      And what is a detox bath? Do you do a detox bath with some Epsom salts? I swear on errything I love you be coming up with some Mother Nature remedies. You should open up a store called Mother Earth. When I learn how to make natural soap, I want to debut my soaps in your shop. :yes:

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      Bama, it strips the hair to remove the product so you have to follow up with conditioner after.
      MomDragon, I feel you. I went to a party and we left right after the 12th round but before they announced Floyd the winner. No need to over stay your welcome. Plus we had some ummm activities to participate in :lol:

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      I'm not buying this PacMan had a bum shoulder story. He kept it close the whole fight.

    • Mother Of Dragons, Shopaholic, Geek

      A detox bath helps eliminate toxins. Our skin does something like a fourth of the job of eliminating toxins from the body and detox baths help. Plus since skin absorbs so much it's a good way to put healthy minerals back in the body. The one I did tonight was bentonite clay, himalayan sea salt, baking soda, vitamin c crystals, epsom salt, and lavender oil. I dry brush my body (I do that every day before I shower anyway), take a shower, and then do the bath in the hottest water I can stand. I stay in the bath until the water cools completely (don't refill with warm water, the water going cool is part of the process), get out, pat dry, moisturize, done. The bath needs to last at least 30 minutes to get the benefits but no more than an hour. DF asked once why I always shower before a bath and I told him I don't bathe to get clean I bathe to relax. Now he does the same thing and tells people it's nasty to sit in a tub full of your dirt and think you're getting clean :lol:. I'm obsessed with skin care.

    • I AM MisTaken I don’t get tired :huh: of being PETTY :)