Daron Wint captured

After a massive manhunt that spanned several states, police captured the fugitive Daron Dylon Wint, who is accused of killing a wealthy D.C. couple, their son and a housekeeper.

Wint, 34, was captured just before midnight Friday in Northeast Washington, D.C., the Washington Post reports.

“Just got him,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said shortly before 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

She said Wint was traveling in a white Chevrolet Cruze along with two women, one of whom was driving.

Federal marshals who had been tracking the fugitive stopped the car near 10th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE and took Wint and the two women into custody.

The Cruze was following behind a white box truck. Two black males inside the box truck were also detained by federal marshals for questioning.

The feds recovered $10,000 in cash from the box truck. The money is believed to be part of the $40,000 in cash that was reportedly stolen from the home of CEO Savvas Savopoulos on May 14. The bodies of Savvas, 46, his wife, Amy, 47, their 10-year-old son, Philip, and their housekeeper, Veralicia “Vera” Figueroa, 57, in Savvas’ burning mansion in swanky Woodley Park on Thursday, May 14.

Savvas’ personal assistant delivered the $40,000 to the house on Thursday morning. The cash drop proceeded a flurry of phone calls involving Savvas, the assistant, a banker and an accountant on Thursday morning. The last phone call in or out of the home came at 11:56 a.m. Thursday. The $4.5 million mansion was set ablaze with the four people inside a few hours later.

Police say Philip was tortured in an attempt to get money out of his father. The boy suffered the most wounds of all the victims, police say.

The adults were found dead in chairs on the second floor. They had been beaten with a blunt object and stabbed, their bodies doused in gasoline. The fire was confined to the 2nd floor where all the bodies were found, police say.

Wint apparently paused during the massacre to order 2 large pizzas to be delivered from a nearby Domino’s Pizza franchise on Wisconsin Ave.

A delivery man told police he left the pizzas at the front door of Savvas’ mansion on Wednesday just before midnight. An envelope of cash for the pizzas was left outside the house.

Police linked DNA recovered from the pizza crust to Wint, who has a long criminal history that includes assault, stalking and rape.

On Thursday, May 21, police contacted Wint’s girlfriend in Nrooklyn, NY who said Wint stayed with her then returned to D.C. with plans to surrender to police there.

Wint reportedly worked for American Iron Works, a iron and steel distributor that supplied material to large construction projects. Savvas was CEO and president of AIW.

Court records lists Wint as a certified welder.

Wint’s father, Dennis, reportedly filed a restraining order against him. In November 2005, Dennis Wint accused his son of threatening him and his wife, Pamela.

Police ordered Wint to stay away from his father’s home, but Dennis Wint said Daron “stood in the street in front of the house and continued to threaten me and my wife. I also have an 8-year-old child who was terrified.”

A year later, a housemate accused Wint of punching him in an argument over losud music. And a female associate said Wint drunkenly groped her at the bar where she was waitressing. A judge refused to convict Wint of sexual assault.

Lanier confirmed Wint was the suspect seen running in a blurry surveillance video taken near the area with Amy Savopoulos’ Porsche 911 was abandoned and torched in a church parking lot on Thursday, May 14.

His father’s home was less than a mile from the church.

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