Josie Latrice

..that she is not ready to fade back into obscurity.

Josett Latrice became an overnight sensation (on Instagram) when NBA superstar LeBron James ‘liked’ her bootylicious photo on a secret cell phone.

The vet student recently hired a publicist (and booking agent) to sift through all her interview and club appearance requests. The 21-year-old IG model plans to take her newfound fame to the next level.

But friends say James’ wife, Savannah James, wishes Josett would just go away. The humiliation from seeing her husband’s personal browsing habits on all the blogs almost took a toll on their marriage.

But Savannah is a strong woman who knows that most men cheat, and that it’s no reflection on them as a loving couple.

Read the publicist’s email below.

Josie Latrice

Josett Latrice (born 11 June 1993) a Houston, TX native is an American aspiring model, actress and college student studying to become a veterinarian. Josett was recently thrust into the spotlight when NBA champion LeBron James “liked” an instagram post of the starlet. From that point things started to roller coaster for Josett. The media attention has been non stop since. Media outlets such as TMZ, The View, ESPN, The Breakfast Club and numerous others have interviewed and/or discussed Josett. Recently she began hosting events and making public appearances and landed a reality show with MTV to boost her career.

Although the fame is a pleasant surprise to Josett she remains focused on the big picture. “My main goal is to become a veterinarian and help my family as well. So I’m taking advantage of this opportunity as a spring board to greater things” says Josett.

As you may have heard Josette Latrice recent scandal rumor of Lebron James sleeping with her for money from ****.com and also claiming that Josett was busted for prostitution which is all over the internet. The story is not true and she would like to put that out to the media.

We look forward to interviewing with you and discussing everything to clear the rumors. Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.

Rena Hairston
*RH Booking & Management

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