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Sorry ladies, music legend Babyface is off the market and dating a 33-year-old German model named Rika.

The couple was spotted attending the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2022 runway show during NY Fashion Week on September 11.

Rika's Instagram page features numerous photos of the May-December lovebirds posing together.

The Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter has written and produced over 26 number-one R&B hits and won 12 Grammy Awards.

His first hit as a songwriter was "Slow Jam" for the R&B group Midnight Star in 1983, while he was a member of The Deele alongside L.A. Reid.

Babyface and Reid left The Deele in 1988 to launch their own boutique record label in Atlanta called LaFace Records in 1989.

Babyface, 63, has written and produced hits for Bobby Brown ("Roni"), Karyn White ("Love Saw It"), Pebbles ("Girlfriend", "Mercedes Boy"), The Deele ("Two Occasions"), Johnny Gill ("My My My"), and more.

Not much is known about Rika, other than she has a crush on money.

In one social media post, she noted she has a crush on money. Her sugar daddy, Babyface has a net worth of $200 million.

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Babyface and film director Tracey Edmonds divorced in 2007. They share two grown sons. He also has a daughter, Peyton, 14, with his second wife Nicole Pantenburg. They divorced in 2021.

Babyface's upcoming album Girls' Night Out features collaborations with Ella Mai, Ari Lennox, Kehlani, Doechii and Queen Naija.

The album is set for release on Oct. 29.

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Teachers are going viral on social media for their inappropriate classroom attire in front of innocent babies.

New Jersey elementary school art teacher, known online as ToyBoxDollz, is going viral for her highly inappropriate outfits that barely cover her substantial curves.

Most of the snaps were taken inside a school, demonstrating the scandalous outfits she chooses to wear in class.

The shameless teacher regularly shares photos and videos of her shapely figure on her Instagram page. Her account @toyboxdollz has over 900,000 followers - including the parents of some of her students.

In some of the sultry snaps, she wears impossibly tight club dresses and jeans that look like they were painted on.

Some of her students are visible in some of the images.

"Looking like this around middle schoolers? Wow how does nobody find this concerning?" one user wrote.

Another person wrote:

"You can be a teacher and still be sexy, however you don't have to post slutty photos or videos shaking your ass to be sexy."

Despite the controversy, Dollz has many supporters, including rapper Fat Joe.

A few fathers say they don't mind the way the art teacher dresses - as long as their children get a quality education.

In her response to the critics on social media, she suggested that the school administration looks the other way because of a teacher shortage.

She also hinted she's doing the school a favor by teaching when she could be earning a lot more money online.

"Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!! When everyone is done debating back and forth whether my curves are appropriate or inappropriate to exist on this planet earth, I need you go do me a favor, really quick research shortage, teacher shortage. Look that up. Our educational system is still recovering from these last few years of nonsense keep that in mind when you are trying to get someone out of their job."

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A man is going viral for kicking a woman out of his hotel room when she refused to have sex with him after he paid $5,000 to fly her out.

In a viral video, a man explains the woman refused to have intimate relations with him even though he paid $5,000 for airline tickets, an Uber and the price of the hotel room.

The man was outraged because he communicated with her on Instagram for three months before booking her tickets.

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There was a time when women would gladly have consensual sex for $20 and a Happy Meal. Nowadays, women expect a lot more.

They see Instagram models showing off handbags, designer shoes, homes, jewelry and cars - and they believe they should get that too.

The man in the video could have avoided the drama by asking one simple question: "You know what you're coming here for, right?"

If you don't ask the right question, then she won't know what you really want. It's a woman's prerogative to say no.

So have that conversation with her before you spend one thin dime on her. Tell her what your expectations are and ask her what her expectations are before you book an airline ticket.

Watch the video below.

An Instagram model's battle with AIDS has shaken the hip-hop community. Gena Tew revealed her decade-long battle with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a TikTok post.

In the video, Gena said she didn't know she had AIDS until she went to a doctor after experiencing unexplained weight loss, nausea and vomiting, and extreme fatigue.

She said the doctor tested her for HIV and the test came back positive. She was diagnosed with AIDS - the advanced stage of HIV infection. Her white blood cell count was low and she had wasting syndrome, also referred to as an "AIDS-defining illness."

Gena, 27, said she weighs just 70 pounds and is unable to walk without assistance.

The NY-based IG model and reality TV personality was once a regular at private parties thrown by Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, among others.

She said she doesn't know who infected her with the HIV virus.

Health officials urge celebrities who may have been intimate with Gena in the past to get HIV tested.

More than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV. The cases are rising, particularly in San Francisco, NY and Atlanta, according to health officials.

Even though AIDS is the end stage of HIV infection, AIDS illnesses can be treated with HIV drugs, antivirals, antibiotics and antifungals.

Watch the videos below.


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Sophia Eze Nwanyi Ifeoma is a 6-foot-4 semi-professional basketball player based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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When she's not hooping, Sophia updates her Instagram page with thirst trap photos showing off her natural curves.

Sophia's efforts have earned her a loyal following of mostly men who fantasize about going one-on-one with her.

Sophia is a college graduate who majored in biology. She's as much brain as brawn!

If you visit her Instagram page, make sure you tell her you saw her on Sandrarose.com!

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American Airlines denies allegations that an Instagram model was booted off a plane because of her massive breasts.

The busty woman — who calls herself Mary Magdalene on Instagram — says she got the boot from a flight because of her oversized knockers.

However, sources at the airline tell TMZ she doesn't have her facts straight.

Mary claims American Airlines ejected her from the plane because of a revealing tank top she wore on a flight from Canada to the U.S.

However, sources at AA tell TMZ that flight attendants noticed Mary sitting in several different seats before takeoff — seats that she didn't purchase tickets for.

It's customary for some airlines to ask morbidly obese passengers to purchase more than one seat for their own comfort and safety.

Sources tell TMZ that American Airlines employees believed Mary was intoxicated and she seemed unstable. So flight attendants and the captain asked Mary to leave the plane — and she left without incident.

TMZ obtained video of Mary strolling around the airport holding a large plastic cup, but it isn't clear if the cup contained an alcoholic beverage.

Airline officials were surprised at Mary's different version of the events that day.

Mary claims she was thrown off the plane for being "too explicit" in an impossibly tiny tank top that barely covered her 22 lb. boobs.

Mary says she eventually got booked on a different flight, but she claims the entire incident was "disgusting and dehumanizing" — and insists she's going to sue American Airlines.

Question: Who do you believe?

Watch the video below.

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Chopper, from MTV's Making The Band, was extradited to Las Vegas to face charges of sex trafficking.

TMZ reports Chopper, real name Kevin Barnes, was arrested in Maryland and charged with running a prostitution ring. Barnes is accused of luring Instagram models and other vulnerable young woman from the social media platform.

Barnes was busted when he DM'd an undercover Nevada state police officer who was posing as a vulnerable young woman on Instagram.

TMZ reports the aspiring rapper tried to entice the undercover cop by telling her she could make money selling her assets as part of his stable of women.
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Police then searched his social media account and found several posts referencing prostitution.

The aspiring rapper earned a good living pimping young women on Instagram.

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IG photos show Barnes sitting on a private jet and showing off his seven homes, including one in Las Vegas, his fleet of cars and jewelry.

In a phone call with the undercover cop, Barnes allegedly said she would join his "team" and "stable" of hookers.

Barnes then began speaking aggressively to the cop and ordered her to meet him in Charlotte, N.C. to join his "stable."

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Actor Kaalan Rashad Walker was convicted Monday of luring multiple women off Instagram and raping them.

Walker, 27, shouted "I didn't rape no one!" as the verdict was read in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday.

Prosecutors accused the "Superfly" actor and dancer of raping 10 women, one as young as 16 years old, after luring them with promises of meeting rapper Drake and actress Halle Berry.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace called Walker a "serial rapist" and said he lied about knowing Drake.

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Walker reportedly created fake verified social media accounts to contact the women on Instagram and Twitter. He used his good looks and connections to Halle to convince the women to hook up with him.

"This was very sophisticated," Wallace told Rolling Stone. "He picked these girls and he appealed to their dreams and hopes and name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. Once they were there, it wasn't about doing photo shoots, it was about assaulting them."

More than 30 Instagram models came forward with allegations of rape and assault by Walker.

Some of his accusers testified against him in open court. Model Jada Everon, now 23, was only 16 years old when Walker contacted her on Instagram.

She told jurors she was raped when she traveling from Fresno to meet him.

Walker is also a rapper whose single "It Could Happen" debuted at number 13 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. He toured with G-Eazy, A$AP Ferg, and Schoolboy Q.

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Christian Obumseli's brother pleaded with Black women to forgive his brother's mean tweets disrespecting them.

Obumseli, 27, was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend, Instagram model Courtney Tailor, 25.

Christian, who was born Tobechukwu Obumseli, 27, had moved to Miami and was living with Tailor in an apartment at One Paraiso when he was stabbed during an argument on Sunday, April 3.

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Christian was transported to a hospital where he later died. Courtney, who was covered in blood, was questioned by police at the scene and later released. Her attorney said she acted in self-defense.
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Jeffrey Obumseli took to Instagram to plead with Black women to forgive his brother for disrespecting them in old tweets when he was in high school.

Jeffrey asked Black women to take the focus off of Toby's old tweets and on to Courtney, a privileged rich woman who was not arrested for murder.

Jeffrey is also upset over a viral video that shows Courtney drinking at a bar in a luxury hotel in Miami just days after she fatally stabbed Toby.

Tailor was confronted by an angry women in the hotel lobby who told her "Yeah, you should go... 'Cause you just killed your boyfriend. Yeah, you did."

In a lengthy Instagram post, Jeffrey wrote: "As a family, we strongly disagree with the ignorant and repulsive tweets from my then-high school aged brother that have recently surfaced. However, the tweets do not diminish our demand for a thorough investigation into Toby’s murder or negate the necessity for justice."

He went on to say that Tailor "brutally and senselessly killed" his brother, and she has not shown "an ounce of remorse" for his death.

"We've seen videos of Courtney kissing her dogs while covered in what we believe to be my brother's blood and casually getting drinks at a hotel bar days later while my brother lays in the morgue," Jeffrey wrote.

"The bottom line is inextricably clear: Courtney is being treated differently because of her privilege as a wealthy white woman."

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Cam Newton says he is not a fan of "bad b---h" women who "can't cook" and "don't know how to be quiet."

While appearing on the "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" podcast, Newton angered many women by saying he believes women should be traditional like his mother.

Newton believes women should cook and clean to appease their men.

The unemployed NFL quarterback complained about women who call themselves "boss b---h" but they "can't cook" and "don't know when to be quiet."

"Now a woman for me is, handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man's needs," he said.


Newton was fortunate to be raised in a traditional 2 parent household.

"I had a perfect, a perfect example of what a man was in my life by my father. My parents have been together for 36, 37 years now and it's a beautiful thing," Newton said via Mediaite.

"I grew up in a three parent household. My mom, my father, and my grandmother. And I knew what a woman was. Not a bad b---h!" Newton declared.

"A bad bitch is a person who's just, you know, 'Girl I'm a bad b---h, I'm doing this, I'm doing that.' I look the part but I don't act the part," Newton said, describing every Instagram model.

"There's a lot of women who are bad b----es. And I say b----es in a way, not to degrade a woman but just to go off the aesthetic of what they deem is a boss chick," he said.

"Now a woman for me is, handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man's needs. Right? And I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of 'I'm a boss bitch, Imma this, Imma that.' No baby! But you can't cook. You don't know when to be quiet! You don't know how to allow a man to lead."

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Newton fathered four children with ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor (pictured). The former stripper left Newton and took their kids with her after she learned he cheated on her with an Instagram model.

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Rick Ross's new girlfriend Hamisa Mobetto looks drastically different now than she did more than a decade ago.

The Tanzanian socialite is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz, a superstar singer in Tanzania.

Here in America, the Instagram model is gaining popularity as rap mogul Rick Ross' latest flame.

According to MTO News sources, Ross pays all of Mobetto's bills in Tanzania and flies her to his Atlanta mansion regularly.

Mobetto lives in Tanzania with her minor daughter, Dee. Rick and Mobetto, 27, frequently fly to Dubai, where Ross takes her on shopping sprees.

While Mobetto advertises skin creams to her 9 million Instagram followers, her before and after photos are surfacing on social media.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Ross is not known to be a colorist. He has dated many women of various shades and hues, including his baby mama Briana Camille (pictured together in 2018). Ross' children are as dark-skinned as Mobetto used to be.

According to MTO News, the photos show Mobetto was a few shades darker than she is now.

Internet sleuths dug up images from Mobetto's high school days that show her dark skin hue before she started bleaching to achieve the American standard for Black beauty.

Skin bleaching is not a big deal in Africa where bleaching creams are as popular as makeup.

However, here in America, bleaching is considered taboo and a sign of self-hate.

Mobetto has not responded to the controversy.

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Newcomer Tai'Aysha dropped the visual to her new single "One Night Ting" featuring rapper Saweetie.

The single is about a one night stand, but Tai'Aysha is quick to say she's never had a one night stand in real life.

The 23-year-old Rihanna look-a-like tells PEOPLE exclusively that the song is "about cutting loose, letting go, and throwing yourself into the night."

But Tai'Aysha has managed to avoid the dreaded one night stand herself.

"I've tried, but they come to my house the next day or send me flowers," she said.

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Tai'Aysha, a former Instagram model, posed in Playboy magazine in 2017 before signing a deal with Atlantic Records.

Saweetie, 28 — who raps a verse on the track — had a ball with Tai'Aysha in the studio.

"[We] had hella fun making this record, and we really tried to capture that feeling in the video," she said. "Tai'Aysha's fly, so it was only right we link up on a song."

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In her verse, Saweetie checks gang bangers who have multiple [dead] "bodies" but they come up short where it counts.

I'm his pretty problem
Gimme dis 'n gimme dat
Yeah, you got 24 hours
to impress the puddy cat
I can make the kitty purr
I can make the pu$$y pounce
But if you're shorter than 8 inches
Then your bodies do not count


Tai'Aysha - One Night Ting (feat. Saweetie)

SR rated: 3/5 roses



An Instagram model is suing Chris Brown for allegedly drugging and raping her on board Sean Combs' yacht.

The unidentified woman declined to press charges against Brown following the alleged incident on December 30, 2020.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Brown approached her at the yacht party and asked if she wanted a drink.

When she entered the kitchen area with Brown, he allegedly gave her a red cup containing a mixed drink. After he filled her cup a second time, the woman claims she felt "a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness."

The woman claims she felt "disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep." She said Brown led her into a bedroom while she was "drugged" and "half-asleep."


She alleges Brown barred the door, preventing her from leaving, removed her bikini bottom and started kissing her. She says she asked him to stop but he persisted and raped her.

The woman claims Brown ejaculated inside her, jumped up and announced he was "done."

She said Brown texted her the next day and ordered her to take Plan B, a morning after contraceptive pill.

She claims she took the pill as instructed.

Now the accuser wants $20 million from Brown for her pain and suffering.

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An Instagram model from Atlanta was reportedly found dead in a hotel room in Ghana after flying to the West African country to visit a local billionaire.

Dasani Williams, whose username is Tyger Booty, was found dead in her hotel room in Accra, Ghana, according to Ghanaweb.com.

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Information is scarce, but investigators suspect a possible drug overdose. However, Williams' friends suspect foul play or suicide.

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Williams was a popular model on Instagram and adult websites that cater to men who pay for explicit images and videos.

According to Ghanaweb, Williams was in the country to "give pleasure to the big men at the parties she was billed to attend during the holiday season."

The billionaire who allegedly flew Williams to Ghana to service his friends has not been identified.

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Rapper Drake was not impressed when a self-professed "clout chaser" sent him her unsolicited nudes recently.

In an interview with No Jumper, Celina claims Drake immediately changed his number after she sent him her nudes.

"Drake changed his number because of us," she said, referring to herself and IG model Ayyyjae. "All I did was send nudes like every month."

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Celina (right) is a 26-year-old Instagram model from Puerto Rico, who is known for her eye-watering Instagram photos.

Ayyyjae (left) made a name for herself after she allegedly "serviced" 7 NBA players in one night.

Celina claims she had affairs with OG rap legend Snoop Dogg, who is married, and NFL star Odell Beckham Jr, who is expecting a baby with his fiancee.

Watch the clip below.