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Update: One of the women who accused NBA star Zion Williamson of cheating on her is expressing thoughts of suicide.

Former adult film star Moriah Mills was shocked to learn that Zion, 22, fathered a baby with a 30-year-old single mom.

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Moriah believed she was the only woman that mattered to Zion after he moved her to New Orleans.

She took to Twitter to say Zion cheated on her even though she degraded herself by letting him spit in her mouth during wild sex.

She provided receipts to prove they were in an intimate relationship and he was paying her bills.

Photo may have been deleted

She also confirmed she spoke with Zion after her initial Twitter rant. She said he begged her to delete her tweets.

Moriah also made it clear that she stopped filming p0rn years ago.

“I’m not a pornstar any more I retired in 2019 !!!!! I have other things that I do thanks,” she tweeted. “Only man I slept on camera with since then has been @Zionwilliamson and that’s private.”

In her last tweet, Moriah implied that she is ready to check out after receiving threats from Zion’s fans.

“I’m ready to be deleted off this earth @Zionwilliamson I don’t feel safe people threatening me thanks to you I can’t do this anymore f*** yalll !!”

Zion and his main chick, Ahkeema, held a gender reveal party for family and friends in New Orleans on Saturday.

“Thank you God for blessing my family with an addition,” Ahkeema wrote on Instagram. “We will give her unconditional love, guidance, protection, and a family. We are so grateful for baby Williamson.”

Black women praised Zion for impregnating a sista.

“At least she’s not white,” wrote one Twitter user, referencing the fact that most Black NBA players have white partners.

Another Instagram model, Yami Taylor, also stepped forward to announce she dated the promiscuous basketball player.

Yami said she’s still waiting for the luxury car and pricey watch he promised her.

Photo may have been deleted

Yami even posted a photo of her and Zion chilling in bed together. The NBA warned players about women like these.

Photo may have been deleted

Zion hasn’t commented on the drama, but the league is talking behind closed doors.

The NBA has a strict code of conduct that explains how NBA players should conduct themselves in public — on and off the clock.

Insiders say the league has already reached out to the New Orleans Pelicans star for a sit-down meeting.

The NBA commissioner is waiting for the end of the NBA Finals to announce the punishment for Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. Rumor has it that Ja will be suspended for the entire upcoming season for waving another gun in a video.