Nia Long moved her family to Boston, Massachusetts 2 weeks before her fiancé Ime Udoka was suspended by the Boston Celtics.

Nia, 51, tells TMZ he kept her in the dark about his intimate relationship with a married female staffer.

The relationship came to light Wednesday night when ESPN reported the organization planned to suspend Udoka for the entire upcoming season.

The Celtics' front office launched an investigation in July when the woman complained about "unwanted comments" by Udoka.

Both parties said their relationship was consensual at the time.

Sources connected to the team tell TMZ that Nia had moved to Boston with Kez, her 10-year-old son with Udoka, just 2 weeks ago. She and Udoka were house hunting.

A source tells TMZ that Udoka knew back in July that the team would be taking disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, Nia found out about his office romance in the last few days - and only because Ime knew it was about to go public.

Nia tells TMZ, through her rep Shannon Barr, "The outpouring of love and support from family, friends and the community during this difficult time means so much to me. I ask that my privacy be respected as I process the recent events. Above all, I am a mother and will continue to focus on my children."

In addition to Kez, the Love Jones actress is also mom to 21-year-old actor Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, whose father is Massai Z. Dorsey.

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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is reportedly "furious" with the Boston Celtics for leaking information about head coach Ime Udoka.

Udoka, 45, faces a year-long suspension for a consensual but "improper" relationship with a female staffer.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Udoka and the Celtics are reportedly in "separation talks" amid speculation that he slept with the wife of a Celtics executive.

Smith accused the Celtics of putting the information "out there" on Thursday's episode of "First Take."

"This was leaked by the Boston Celtics' organization," he said.

Smith said white athletes and staffers who sleep around are treated differently.

"I don't see the information out about them. Why we talking about this now? We got to talk about it because it's the news. Ain't none of our damn business unless you fire him. But if you keep him, it's none of our business. It should've never been put out there by the Celtics organization. And don't tell me you didn't do it because you absolutely did it because news reporters got it, and it emanated out of Boston."

The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Smith said the Celtics leaked the information because of Udoka's race.

"I'm appalled by this decision. If you're not going to fire him, he shouldn't be suspended. You can dock pay, you can fine him, you can keep the stuff in-house. I'm appalled this is publicized. I know of plenty of situations spanning the entire world of professional sports, not just the NBA... where folks are messing around with each other. You don't see this become a story."

The Celtics have not announced Udoka's suspension or disciplinary action.

The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is considering resigning amid reports that he faces a year-long suspension for cheating with a married woman.

Udoka faces disciplinary action for engaging in an intimate "improper" relationship with a married female staffer.

He was reportedly warned multiple times to end his workplace romance.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news Wednesday night, around 10:30 p.m., in a vague tweet.

About an hour before Woj tweeted his scoop, a burner account mentioned that Udoka would never be fired for "sleeping around."

The insider suggested that Udoka was carrying on with multiple women, not just one female staffer.

The tweet, posted at 9:14 p.m. EST, read: "if there's one person who will never get fired for sleeping around, it's ime udoka."

Udoka, 45, is in a longterm relationship with fiancée Nia Long, 51.

The rookie coach led the Celtics to a 51-31 record and the team's first NBA Finals since 2010.

Celtics assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will replace Udoka when training camp begins on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

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Khloe Kardashian shared the first public photo of her second child, a boy, who was conceived via IVF and carried by a surrogate.

It isn't clear if Tristan Thompson is the biological donor of Khloe's son. The two fell out after Tristan fathered his second son with a personal trainer in 2021.


Khloe, 38, and Tristan, 31, also share a 4-year-old daughter True Thompson.

Khloe and Tristan began dating in 2016. Their relationship hit bumps in the road - mainly due to his insatiable appetite for strippers and Instagram models.

Khloe and Tristan separated in February 2019, after she discovered he cheated on her with her sister, Kylie's ex-personal assistant, Jordyn Woods.


Khloe and Tristan got back together in August 2020 to ride out the Covid-19 pandemic. But they split again in June 2021 after his third baby mama filed a paternity lawsuit.


On Wednesday, it was reported that Tristan was seen leaving a Hollywood party with buxom Instagram model, Juanita JCV.

Although the NBA free agent and Juanita, 24, did not arrive together at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, they departed together in the same vehicle.

Juanita was photographed hiding in the back of Tristan's Maybach SUV.

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Nia Long is trending on Black Twitter after it was revealed that her longtime fiancé, Ime Udoka, engaged in an "improper" relationship with a young staffer.

The Boston Celtics head coach is facing a lengthy suspension that could keep him out for the entire 2022-23 NBA season.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Udoka engaged in an "improper intimate and consensual relationship" with a young female employee within the organization, that violated the organization's code of conduct.

Ime and Nia have dated since 2010 and they share a 10-year-old son, Kez Udoka.

FameFlynet / BACKGRID

They got engaged in 2015 but never made it to the alter.

Black men on Twitter roasted Ime for cheating on Nia. Many called for the Celtics to fire him for cheating on the Love Jones actress.

Nia posted a cryptic video on her Instagram Story on Sept. 9 - the same day Ime was accused of having a "consensual" relationship with a female staff member, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania.

In the video, a narrator says:

"When you see people change their whole life and start walking down a path of enlightenment, hugging trees, connecting with nature, loving themselves, embracing positivity, letting that light shine, understand one thing: that light that you see, understand one thing about that light: they had to go into the darkness to get it. Them people is not the type of people that you wanna play with."

Internet sleuths circulated a photo of a pretty young female staffer who may be a former WNBA player.

Your auntie won't post the young lady's photo to protect her privacy.

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka faces a lengthy suspension for an alleged "improper" relationship with a young female staffer.

The Celtics are considering a lengthy suspension after Ime broke the franchise's "organizational guidelines."

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Udoka engaged in an "improper intimate and consensual relationship" with a young female employee within the organization, that violated the organization's code of conduct.

According to Wojnarowski, internal discussions with the team includes keeping Ime out for the entire 2022-23 NBA season. Ime's job is not in jeopardy.

The Celtics will begin training camp next Tuesday without their head coach. A temporary replacement coach has not been named.

Ime is the 5th Black head coach in Boston Celtics history.

FameFlynet / BACKGRID

Ime, 45, is in a longterm domestic relationship with actress Nia Long, 51. They share 10-year-old son, Kez Sunday Udoka. Nia also has a son, Massai Dorsey II, from a previous relationship.


Nia Long is best known for her roles in the urban films Boyz n the Hood (1991), Love Jones and Soul Food. She has appeared on TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boston Legal and Fox TV's Empire.

Nia sat at courtside with Kez during the 2021-22 NBA Finals when the Celtics made their first NBA Finals appearance since 2010. The Celtics lost to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

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Businessman Martell Holt is a single father of five who has multiple women fighting over him, including RHOA cast member Shereé Whitfield.

Martell, 40, is a real estate tycoon who owns his own wine brand. He is best known for his appearance on the Love & Marriage: Huntsville reality series on the OWN network.

Martell was born on January 4, 1982, making him a Capricorn. He is a native of Huntsville, Alabama, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Alabama A&M University in 2008.

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He taught at Sparkman Middle School for two years before leaving to focus on his business empire.

Martell shares four children - son Martell II, and daughters Maliah, Mariah, and Malani, with his ex-wife Melody Holt.

He also fathered a toddler son, Knox, a.k.a. Maverick, during an extramarital affair with entrepreneur Arionne Curry.

Martell is an excellent father to his five children, who are featured prominently on his Instagram page.

Rumors swirled when Shereé Whitfield claimed she is dating Holt and has introduced him to her friends and family as her man. She even claimed they are moving in together.

But Martell's mistress and baby mama, Arionne, insists Shereé is only using Martell for a storyline on RHOA.

She posted an email exchange on social media, calling Martell a "narcissist" and a "liar" and she hopes his three daughters don't grow up to run into a man like their father.

"F*** you Martell Holt you made me like this. It took 2 seasons of you discussing me every episode to make her famous and she left you to even say something. I was s0000000 dumb! I hope your 3 daughters never run into a man like you! And loyal to you, you been using me! My heart hurts for you and you still don’t get it! You could’ve moved on and kept it real but you lied about it! Stop placing blame on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In another email, the 31-year-old boutique owner blasts her ex for dating "an old b****," presumably she's referring to 52-year-old Shereé, who is divorced from ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield.

In an interview with disgraced vlogger Tasha K, Arionne said Martell has a way with women that melts her heart.

I'll agree that Martell isn't your typical Morning Wood. As you can see, he carries a lot of baggage and female drama with him.

Still, he is a good catch if you're the adventurous type who doesn't mind the drama and extra baggage.

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US Marshals, Handout

The fugitive yoga teacher who shot and killed her love rival has been captured in Costa Rica after six weeks on the run.

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, was wanted for allegedly fatally shooting professional cyclist Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson on May 11 in Austin, Texas.

Police initially interviewed Armstrong after Wilson's body was discovered, but she was released from custody.

Surveillance video shows Armstrong's SUV near Wilson's rental home. The next day the Austin Police Department issued a warrant for Armstrong's arrest.

She was last seen at Newark's Liberty International on May 18, boarding a United Airlines flight to San Jose at Newark Airport.

Officials say Armstrong used a fake passport to fly to Costa Rica.

US Marshals searched for Armstrong across the United States. She was captured at a Santa Teresa Beach hostel in Costa Rica, the US Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force said in a statement on Thursday.

She is awaiting deportation back to the United States.

Armstrong's boyfriend, professional cycler Colin Strickland, denied having a side relationship with Wilson, 25.

Wilson was shot and killed after she went for a swim and had an intimate dinner with Strickland. She was found dead in her rental home the next day.

An anonymous tipster told police that Armstrong flew into a rage after she learned about Strickland's alleged romance with Wilson.


Khloe Kardashian denied dating another NBA player after an Instagram blogger spilled the tea last week.

In a comment on IG blogger @deuxmoi's Instagram page, someone wrote that they "heard" Khloe was dating another NBA player.


Someone alerted Khloe, who hopped into the comments section to deny the report.

"Definitely NOT True !!!" the 37-year-old wrote. "I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes but I am not seeing a soul. I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for awhile."

The list of basketball players Khloe has dated in the past include, Rashad McCants, Lamar Odom and James Harden.


Over the weekend, Khloe was seen with her on-again, off-again baby daddy, Tristan, and their 4-year-old daughter, True Thompson.

According to reports, Tristan and Khloe are back together.

The couple joined her mother, Kris Jenner, for a Father's Day lunch on Saturday.


In the finale episode of The Kardashians, Khloe's family referred to Tristan as the worst person ever for cheating on her.
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Tristan, 31, famously dropped a baby in a personal trainer during a hotel rendezvous in Houston last year. The baby boy, Theo, was born in December.

Tristan has not seen baby Theo or sent a child support check to his mother, Maralee Nichols.


But Khloe is reportedly over the rumors about Tristan. She believes that a cheating man is better than no man - especially if he treats her like a queen and adores their daughter.


Khloe Kardashian lashed out at her cheating baby daddy, Tristan Thompson in the finale of The Kardashians on Wednesday night.

An emotional Khloe broke down as she recalled the moment she found out she would be a new stepmom.

In the scene, Khloe tells Kim Kardashian over the phone, "Let me f**king call him. I can't f**king believe this. I just want the truth."

Photo may have been deleted


Through dry tears Khloe slammed Thompson for "humiliating" her in public again by fathering a child out of wedlock with a personal trainer in Houston.

"It's a joke. It's embarrassing," she sobbed.

"Khloe later told viewers in a confessional that she found out about Maralee Nichols "with the rest of the world".

She added, "I feel not really in my own body, like these things are just happening, and I'm just going through the motions," adding, "but when things happen to you a couple times you do kind of become immune to them, which is really sad."


In December 2021 Maralee Nichols gave birth to Tristan's son. He has not yet met his second son, according to a frustrated Maralee.

He also shares 3-year-old daughter True Thompson with Khloe.

Khloe and Tristan have dated on and off since 2016.

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Mychal Watts/WireImage

Drew Sidora's sister confirms the Real Housewives of Atlanta star dated basketball star LeBron James while he was with Savannah, but before they were married.

On Monday, June 13, Drew's sister and manager, Alison Jordan, took to social media to defend her sister against allegations that she slept with LeBron while he was a married man.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Alison confirmed that her sister and LeBron did in fact date in 2002-2004. She made it clear that at the time, LeBron was not married to Savannah, his high school sweet heart. But he and Savannah lived together at the time.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

According to Alison's timeline, Drew dated LeBron when he jumped to the NBA in 2003.

Alison confirmed that LeBron flew Drew out to Lakers games and she and Drew stayed in hotel rooms together. Alison acted as a chaperone for her younger sister.

"They dated. They talked on the phone day and night. We went to dinners. We weren't sneaking through back alleys," said Alison, referring to her sister and LeBron.

Kelly Kline/WireImage

Drew and LeBron dated while Savannah was pregnant.

Savannah fell pregnant with the couple's first child, LeBron James Jr., in 2003 and gave birth in 2004.

So, technically, Drew is not a home wrecker. But she definitely got between LeBron and Savannah.

Watch the video below.


Another woman has come forward with receipts that Rihanna's baby daddy, A$AP Rocky, tried to get with her offline.

Two weeks ago a Portuguese IG model claimed the Harlem rapper reached out to her via direct messages on Instagram.

The woman provided receipts and the gossip went viral. But the pregnant pop star hit back by going on vacation with A$AP in her native Barbados and tipping off the paparazzi.

The cheating gossip faded as their vacation photos hit the blogs last week.

Everything would've been perfect if A$AP didn't get arrested when they returned to the US on 4/20.

Now another woman has come forward with receipts that confirm the rapper's cheating ways.

According to The Sun, Rihanna was about four months pregnant when A$AP allegedly DM'd British paddleboarder Jilly O’Donnell in December.

A$AP, 33, allegedly offered to fly the mother-of-three to Ukraine to meet with him while he was on tour in Europe. He messaged her three times in 10 hours without a response.

When she eventually replied to his DMs he liked her comment with a heart emoji and they exchanged dozens of messages.


After he offered to fly her to Ukraine, Jilly replied: "I can't get to Ukraine haha, I can't even afford Xmas after lockdown last year..."

Rocky responded: "What you guys can't travel anywhere???? That sucks. I just got here. Freezing my f*****g balls off. The gym here is beautiful though."

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Jilly told The Sun, "He has millions of followers on Instagram so God only knows why he chose to message me."

She added:

"That would be crazy but a lot of women probably agree to stuff like that. He's rich and so people will no doubt come running when he clicks his fingers. I know what he'd have been after if I had flown out there but it was all just a bit of a laugh."

She continued:

"I was shocked to see he's with Rihanna, especially the fact she's pregnant. But nothing happened and it was all pretty lighthearted conversation. I hope they'll be very happy together."

We're not shocked by the flurry of cheating reports. Rihanna seems to be drawn to guys she knows will cheat on her.


Rihanna, 34, seemed distressed when they stepped out to Giorgi Baldi's in Santa Monica to attend her baby shower over the weekend. Her feet and ankles were swollen and she looked depressed. Now we know why.

Photo may have been deleted

Getty Images

Pregnant Rihanna is back on the market after the latest cheating drama involving her boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Remember when your auntie told you that RiRi unfollowed rapper Megan Thee Stallion for allegedly creeping with A$AP? Apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

READ ALSO: Celebrities unfollow Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram for creeping with Rihanna's baby daddy

According to the Sun UK, Rihanna has called time on her relationship with the washed up rapper after footage leaked of him cheating on her with sexy shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Rihanna's friends warned her that upgrading A$AP would make him an easy target for every Instagram model and socialite with dollar signs in their eyes.

XXL magazine claims Rihanna left a restaurant in tears after arguing with A$AP in Los Angeles recently.

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Rihanna, 34, unfollowed Amina after the 35-year-old shared a series of photos of Rihanna, praising her pregnancy style.

Apparently, all of A$AP Rocky's tea is being spilt on social media by Instagram models who claim he hit them up in their DMs.

Photo may have been deleted

In this video, a Brazilian escort says A$AP and his friends slid in her DMs so she could hook up with him while he was on tour recently. She ignored him out of respect for Rihanna. That was nice of her.

Meanwhile, Amina was working with Rihanna's Fenty brand until recently when RiRi unfollowed Amina on Instagram over the cheating rumors.

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

When she's not getting cozy with A$AP, Amina reportedly dates French comedian Fary Lopes (left). He's another male wh*re who cheats on her with no shame.

Rihanna also unfollowed rapper Megan Thee Stallion for the same reason.

Rihanna allegedly called the paps to take photos of her and A$AP walking hand-in-hand. But, according to Jay Z's law: Men lie, women lie, body language don't.

In an exclusive cover story for U.S. Vogue, Rihanna said A$AP broke out of her friend zone after he cooked for her. Apparently, the way to RiRi's heart is through spicy seasoned food.


Now you know why her childhood pal, Melissa Forde is suddenly back in the picture when you haven't seen or heard from her in years.

They say Melissa is the "clean up woman" because she wipes away Rihanna's tears, cooks and cleans for her and comforts her when a man cheats on Rihanna (which happens often).

Rumor has it that 36-year-old Mel even got pregnant via IVF so their children can grow up together. Now that's a ride-or-die chick.

Photo may have been deleted

The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID

There's a reason why Adele is the queen of breakup songs - she can't keep a man no matter how hard she tries.

Sources tell Page Six that the British pop star didn't cancel her Las Vegas residency because her crew tested positive for COVID.

They say Adele couldn't get through rehearsals because she was arguing on the phone with her cheating boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul.

The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID

Sources say Paul (right) spends most of his time with his boys or with rumored ladies of the night.

Adele was "shouting and sobbing" on the phone to Paul, her boyfriend of six months, during rehearsals, a source told Page Six.

"Adele's been crying and couldn't get through a single full rehearsal for the past month," said a source linked to the management team at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Adele was reportedly set to make over $1 million per show, earning her more money than any act in Vegas history.

But problems arose early on, as Adele expected Paul to show up for rehearsals and he didn't.

"She has barely rehearsed because she is constantly in the middle of an emotional shootout," the source told Page Six.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Scott Roeben, a Las Vegas-based journalist for, told Page Six that Vegas insiders are now worried that Adele will permanently cancel the concerts -- like she's done over in England.

"There are rumblings that there are stresses related to Adele's relationship. I'm told that these stresses caused her to be in a place where she was just not confident moving forward," he said. "You can't focus if you're not where you need to be in your head."


Tristan Thompson hopes to impregnate his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, if she takes him back. The couple share 3-year-old daughter, True Thompson.

MTO News spoke with a source close to the Kardashian Kamp who insist Tristan is begging Khloe to forgive him after he dropped a baby in another woman.

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

According to MTO:

"Our snitch tells us that Tristan is even promising to get Khloe pregnant again, if she takes him back.

"Tristan told Khloe that if she takes him back they can have more babies and build on their family. He was reluctant to have any more kids with Khloe before this [cheating incident] happened."


They will have to hurry because Khloe's eggs are past the 35-year expiration date.

It isn't clear if Khloe, 37, is speaking to Tristan after a DNA test confirmed he fathered a baby boy with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols.

Last week Khloe took to her Instagram Story to share an emotional message about surviving difficult times.

"There's going to be very painful moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change YOU. Let them make you stronger, smarter and kinder. But don't you go and become someone that your not. Cry. Scream if you have to. Then you straighten out that and keep it moving [sic]."