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Angel Reese says she’s too busy being a superstar to attend classes at Louisiana State University in person.

Angel helped lead LSU women’s basketball team to its first NCAA championship this year. But she claims her celebrity status prevents her from showing up to classes in person.

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The star center tells Teen Vogue her celebrity status means it’s no longer safe for her to attend classes – even with a bodyguard.

Instead, she prefers taking classes online in the safety of private jets as she makes club appearances around the country.

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“I didn’t think I was going to be on Shade Room every time I post something. I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity, but I think a lot of people look at me as a celebrity now because of the impact I’ve had on not just women’s basketball, but sports in general, and Black women. Things have changed for me.”

But stardom isn’t going to her head. Angel, 21, said her studies still comes first — in between club-hopping, hanging out with celebrity pals, and endless vacations on tropical islands.

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Despite her multi-million NIL deals, Angel tells Teen Vogue she intends to play in the WNBA. She will be eligible for the 2024 WNBA Draft and is expected to be the #2 pick behind Iowa’s Caitlin Clark.

Angel’s mom, also named Angel Reese, is tired of fans confusing her for her daughter.

In a social media post, Angel’s mom wrote: “Y’all I’m too old for Y’all to be “good morning” me to death … get to the point.”

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

In a previous post, her mom wrote: “Young men in my DMs think I’m my daughter.”

It’s easy to see why. Except for their hairstyles, mother and daughter are virtually identical.

Angel’s mom, a former basketball player herself, taught Angel to play ball in their driveway in Maryland.

“My mom is my rock,” Angel told Teen Vogue. “Everything I do is just for her and my brother.”