Gucci Mane

Photographer Cam Kirk, who’s trying to make a name for himself in the cutthroat world of professional photography, has announced a new photo exhibit starring ex-con repeat offender Gucci Mane.

The photo exhibition will be on display inside a church, in keeping with Gucci’s rap moniker, “Trap God”.


Cam Kirk, a local photographer who has documented the ATL scene over the last few years, and took the iconic photo of Gucci for his Trap House 3 cover, will be supplying the exclusive, never-before-seen photos of Guwop, which will be shown as part of an exhibition on May 30th.

According to Kirk, it’ll be more than a simple gallery experience. “It’s going to be more of an installation,” he revealed to Mass Appeal. “It’s not going to be strictly about my photography. I’ve got actors in there; they’re going to play certain roles when you walk in. So it’s going to take shape of like a haunted house feeling, where you walk in and there are different things to experience. It should feel like you literally walked in to the house of the Trap God.”

If you’ll be in the area, inquire about location details through the post below.

Gucci Mane

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