Dawn Neufeld

Technology takes a giant leap toward answering the age-old question: how old do I look?

Microsoft has launched a new website, How-Old.net that uses algorithms to scan and guess the age of the person or people in uploaded photos.

Many users, like Football Wives’ star Dawn Neufeld (pictured above with her beautiful family) are pleasantly surprised with the results.

If anything, How-Old.net addresses the need for us humans to find a proper substitute for our mirrors — preferably one that tells us exactly what we want to hear.

But since nothing is perfect — not even a computer program algorithm – Twitter.com users are having fun mocking the website by uploading pictures with non-human faces.

How old do I look

From NY Daily News:

The website consists of Microsoft’s newly released face detection API, which lets users upload a picture and have the API predict the age and gender of any faces recognized in that picture. The API may either get your age correctly or give you a ridiculous guess. You can read the full story behind the face detection API on the company’s blog.

Like always, people on the Internet quickly found ways to poke fun and began uploading images of fictional characters such as the Quaker Oats mascot and zombies from “The Walking Dead” to see what age How-Old.net would give them.