Rosie Pérez

Some women won’t be caught dead without makeup on. I have a friend who sleeps in her makeup (I hope she’s not reading the blog). These same women who were born without makeup say they feel “naked” without their makeup on. You can’t call yourself ‘real’ if you don’t have the courage or audaciousness to step outside without makeup on.

Pictured above is actress Rosie Perez, 50.

Kelly Rowland

Natural beauties like Kelly Rowland (pictured above) only wear makeup when it’s absolutely necessary. “For me, makeup reminds me of work. Without it, I feel natural and untouched,” she said.

Beauty comes from within, not from a makeup artist’s brush. Makeup gives women an illusion of beauty. That illusion is destroyed when the makeup comes off.

Take a peek at the following timeless beauties who go makeup-free and don’t care what you think.

Demi Lovato makeup-free

Singer Demi Lovato, 22.

Kim Kardashian

Socialite Kim Kardashian, 34.

Zendaya Coleman

Singer/actress Zendaya Coleman, 18.

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