Sandra Bullock

I did not write this Blind Item. So please do not attribute this Blind Item to me. Don’t even mention you read it on my blog.

Anonymous writes:

What do you do if you are an A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and you fall in love? You go out, you show them off, you be happy. Not this actress. She has always lived a closeted life. Those closest to her know. She has gone out with guys and even has had sex with them and once even married one, but it is just not her thing. She landed some of the hottest guys in the world. Well, it looked like it from the outside. About 14 months ago she fell in love. Quickly. The woman in question does not have any kids. Young. Yeah, kind of a lot young. College aged young. Still going to college but living with our actress. She does not get to go out much with the actress unless she is pretending to be something she is not. Our actress is in love but refuses to come out. She thinks fans and the roles she gets will disappear. I think everyone likes to think it wouldn’t happen to her, but it would. So, she stays closeted. She is happy though which is great for her. She just feels for her partner who wants to be happy and free.


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