cat lives matter

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Meanwhile, the fallout from the poaching death of Africa’s beloved Cecil the Lion continues. A PR firm that was hired to do damage control for Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer has quit after just one day.

Animal lovers descended on the dentist’s Minnesota business, which was closed after London’s Telegraph newspaper outted Palmer as the heartless big-game hunter who paid $55,000 to hunt and shoot Cecil.

Outraged animal lovers plastered the windows and doors of Palmer’s dental office with home-made signs. One of the signs read: “Cat Lives Matter” — a takeoff on the slogan “Black Lives Matter, which is a grassroots movement to bring awareness to police brutality.

Many observers question the worldwide attention given to a cat when black men are being killed in America.

Let’s put it into perspective: black men aren’t endangered species, and no one pays tens of thousands of dollars to hunt black men for their heads as trophies.

There aren’t many lions left in Africa. So the outrage over an entitled rich sociopath killing one for sport is justified.

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