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R&B singer Ciara Harris tells Us weekly she is struggling mightily to suppress her sexual urges to comply with Russell Wilson’s celibacy vow.

“You go one day at a time, and keep [the romance] going with each other. I’m really enjoying every day that we’re sharing,” Ciara told Us Weekly’s Loose Talk video magazine.

Wilson, who is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, put pressure on Ciara when he took their celibacy vow public.

During a radio interview, Wilson said God told him to suppress his urge for sex with Ciara until they are married.

As for suppressing her lustful desires while all her friends are getting their backs blown out by their boyfriends and husbands, Ciara said quietly, “It’s alright, you know.”

You can watch the video here. Pay attention to her body language as she speaks.