Debris from missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jetliner MH370 may have washed ashore on the eastern coast of Africa, the BBC reports.

The debris, including part of a wing flap, has been identified as part of Malaysia Airlines MH370 which disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China on the night of March 7, 2014. 239 passengers and crew were on board the flight.

A piece of luggage has also been found on Reunion Island, about 3,000 miles away from the current search area off the western coast of Australia.

Experts say the location of the debris is “consistent with where we think debris might have turned up”.

Officials suspect the jet’s pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah, 53, crashed the plane deliberately.

Malaysia Air Pilot Changed His Behavior Before Flight

$66 million has been spent by a coalition of countries involved in the yearlong search for the missing plane.

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