Zaharie Ahmed Shah

The pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 showed “striking” behavioral changes on the night before his plane vanished en route to Beijing, China.

Security guards posted at the gate of Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah’s exclusive community in Laman Seri say they were accustomed to seeing Shah greet them when entering or leaving his residence.

Headlines Today newspaper in India spoke with one of the guards who said Shah, 53, usually greeted them with a Muslim style salutation as if he was saying Salam to him. But on the night of March 7, Shah saluted the security guard military style.

“There was a striking change in the way he had saluted us that night,” said the security guard on condition of anonymity. The guard added, “it was very unlike him.”

The security guards noticed another change in his behavior that night. The captain left for the airport 20 minutes early in his own vehicle rather than wait for the airline’s driver to arrive to take him to the airport.

According to, Shah left for the airport in his BMW 5 series. The airline’s driver arrived at Shah’s home about 20 minutes later, only to find that he had already left.

The guards also observed Shah and his wife drive off in his BMW earlier that evening. A short while later, Shah returned to the home alone. Shah and his wife were separated, although they owned 2 homes together. The couple had 3 grown children.

On March 24, the Malaysian Prime Minister announced the plane’s journey had “ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Officials are focusing their investigation on the two pilots in the cockpit — Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. It was the first time 27-year-old Hamid had flown a 777 without a trainer.

Officials believe the crash of flight 370 was a deliberate suicidal mission rather than mechanical failure or on-board fire.

The team investigating the Boeing 777’s disappearance believes no malfunction or fire was capable of causing the aircraft’s unusual flight or the disabling of its communications system before it veered wildly off course on a seven-hour silent flight into the sea.

An analysis of the flight’s routing, signaling and communications shows that it was flown “in a rational way”.

An official source revealed that investigators believe “this has been a deliberate act by someone on board who had to have had the detailed knowledge to do what was done. . . Nothing is emerging that points to motive.” Source

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