A Facebook post that purported to be a reproduction of an old Malaysia Airlines ad went viral on social media websites over the weekend. The ad shows a Malaysia Airlines plane along with the advertising copy, “OUR NEW BOEING 777 – LOSE YOURSELF ON A JOURNEY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.” According to Urban Legends, the ad is a hoax. But did we really need Urban Legends to tell us that?


No such ad was ever created or published. The aircraft depicted is actually an Airbus A380, not a Boeing 777, and indeed the original ad copy, which dates from 2012, said: “OUR NEW A380 – A JOURNEY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. THE PRIDE OF OUR NATION.”

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew has now been missing for 10 days. The plane vanished off the radar about 40 minutes after departing Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing, China on March 8.

The prevailing theory is that the pilot or co-pilot, suffering from homicidal depression, killed everyone on board by depressurizing the cabin and climbing to 45,000 feet altitude to ensure a quick death.

The pilot or co-pilot then committed suicide (either by removing his 02 mask or allowing his 02 to run out. Set the plane on autopilot and programmed it to fly south over the Indian Ocean. The plane ran out of fuel somewhere over the vast Indian Ocean which is approximately 28 million square miles wide and about 5 miles deep at its deepest point.

Australia has joined 26 other nations searching intensely for the missing plane. Australia will focus its search in the most likeliest place where the plane went down — in the waters off the western coast of Australia.

Australia has among the most sophisticated radar in the world. But flight 370 was reportedly flying too low under the radar to be detected by civilian radar.

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