A planned rally by white supremacists and a faction of the KKK was marred by violence when members of the Bloods street gang and other hoodlums attacked the protestors.

What should have been a peaceful protest descended into chaos and violence because South Carolina was unprepared to handle outside agitators.

The rally was planned to protest the removal of the Confederate flag that flew over the state capitol in South Carolina for 54 years.

A rapper named V. Aura posted video of the violence to his Twitter page over the weekend. The video shows a group of black youths dressed in gang regalia repeatedly punching and stomping a white male who tried desperately to flee the mob.

Cries of “get him!” and “you think you bad, bitch?” can be heard in the background as police sirens wail in the background.

Some of the gang members wielded baseball bats and sticks.

This is exactly what President Barack Obama and the his supporters in the leftist media wanted: race wars on American soil to distract attention away from ISIS.

Amid the chaos of the protests and counter protests by thousands of black youths, one image emerged that seemed to take a positive step toward healing the divisions between blacks and whites in South Carolina.

A member of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK was overcome by the oppressive heat and humidity. The photo shows a black state trooper assisting the white supremacist “to shelter & water as heat bears down,” wrote Rob Godfrey, who took the photo.

Godfrey is the deputy chief of staff for South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who signed the order to remove the flag last week.

Black leaders called for the Confederate flag to come down after photos surfaced online of church shooter Dylann Roof waving the flag.