This is not what Lottery jackpot winners signed up for.

The Illinois Lottery is refusing to issue checks to Lottery winners, including the $262 million MegaMillion jackpot winner.

So lotto winners who were hoping to drop $199K on that new 2016 Range Rover V8 Supercharged beast will just have to wait.

State officials claim the money isn’t in the budget to issue checks larger than $25,000. The state is in the red to the tune of $5 billion, and they are working to hammer out a new fiscal budget.

Illinois Lottery officials claim the money to pay Lottery winners is there, but the “legal authority” to issue the payments is not.

That’s little comfort to Lottery winners who have grown accustomed to living above their means and are depending on those huge checks to pay for their multimillion mortgages, Rolls Royces and Bentleys.

2 winners have outgrown their patience. They filed lawsuits against the state demanding their money — and a little extra on top for the inconvenience of broke people problems.

“You dream about winning the lottery all your life and it finally happened, and you don’t get paid,” Lottery winner Daniel Chasteen told The Wall Street Journal.