The suspect who shot and killed a Delta State University professor in his office committed suicide as law enforcement closed in on him.

Shannon Lamb, a former Mississippi College professor, is suspected of shooting and killing Delta State University history professor Ethan Schmidt, pictured right, as he sat in his campus office on Monday.

Lamb, 45, is also suspected in the shooting death of his live-in girlfriend, Amy Prentiss, at their home 300 miles away from the Delta State campus.

Police believe the killer and the victims were involved in a love triangle.

Lamb died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after he bailed out of his car while being pursued by police on Highway 1 near Greenville on Monday.

Lamb had earlier told police he’s “not going to jail.”

Hours before killing Schmidt, 39, Lamb reportedly murdered Prentiss, 41, at their Gautier, Mississippi home. He then drove to the Delta State campus approximately 300 miles away in Cleveland, MS.

Lamb reportedly believed Prentiss and Schmidt were involved in a relationship.

Students in a nearby classroom initially thought the popping sounds they heard were firecrackers going off.

“Everybody’s phone just sort of went off at the same time,” instructor Charly Abraham told FOX News.

“We discovered it was something very serious when we started getting text messages from people all over the world,” he said.

A campus wide lockdown was lifted on Monday, but Tuesday’s classes are cancelled.