Former strippers Amber Rose, right, and Blac Chyna are benefitting from the best promo money can buy.

The buxom single moms are set to star in their own MTV reality show after languishing in Kim Kardashian‘s shadow for so long.

Kim and her controlling manager/mother, Kris Jenner, are very concerned — almost to the point of sheer panic — that Chyna, in particular, will spill their dirt on the upcoming show.

“The Kardashians have asked Amber and Blac politely several times to please not make it an anti-Kardashian show,” an insider told In Touch. “They are terrified that the two of them will use their platform to make it a non-stop Kardashian bashing fiasco.”

Their pleas are not getting them anywhere. So Jenner and Kardashian reportedly fired off a cease & desist letter to Amber, Chyna and MTV’s producers warning them — no, asking them politely to please keep the Kardashian’s names out of their mouths.

The ladies are reportedly threatening legal action if Amber or Blac besmirches their reputation.

But there is more than one way to skin a silicone cat.

The girls will probably huddle with their lawyers who will likely advise them to drop the teas without mentioning any names at all (kind of like how your auntie spills the teas in Not So Blind Items).

Viewers will immediately pick up on who they’re referring to, and hilarity will ensue.

If Amber and Blac Chyna want their show picked up for a 2nd season, they’d better bring it. Viewers want their drama with a side order of tea.

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