More details emerge in the murder of a beloved pediatric dentist in a Dallas parking garage.

Kendra Hatcher, 35, was shot to death in the parking garage at the Gables Park 17 apartments one week after she returned from San Francisco where she met her boyfriend’s parents.

The Dallas Morning News interviewed a former classmate of Ricky Paniagua’s ex-girlfriend who said the woman was insanely jealous of Hatcher.

The friend said the ex-girlfriend was “distraught” because she wanted to go to San Francisco with Paniagua previously, but his parents would only purchase his plane ticket, not hers.

According to the Morning News Paniagua’s mother reportedly warned her son to stay away from his the woman because she needed psychological help.

“She took it to heart because when he went there [previously], his parents bought his flight and not hers, so she couldn’t go,” the former classmate told the Morning News. The classmate said the woman’s reaction was, “‘Why is Ricky taking this girl he just met when I couldn’t go?’”

Police search warrants identified the ex-girlfriend as 33-year-old Brenda Delgado, a dental hygiene student.

Delgado and Paniagua, a dermatologist, dated on and off for 2 years. Their relationship ended earlier this year. Hatcher started dating Paniagua in April.

Police say Delgado used an iPhone app to track Hatcher’s movements before she was killed. The woman was so upset about their relationship that she wanted to postpone her upcoming dental hygienist exams.

Delgado and Paniagua lived together in a one bedroom apartment, according to the classmate. He said Delgado wanted to move to a 2-bedroom apartment but Paniagua told her she had to get a job first so they could afford the higher rent.

Paniagua was apparently mired in debt from student loans.

After changing her Facebook status to “In a relationship” on June 2, Hatcher updated nearly every post with pictures of her and Paniagua together.

She wrote, “Am I ready for this?” on May 30, just days before she changed her relationship status.

One month later, she was dead.

Crystal Cortes, 23, is the only suspect arrested for Hatcher’s murder. She is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Cortes told police Delgado promised her $500 to drive an unknown male to Hatcher’s residence to rob her. She was to receive the $500 in exchange for Hatcher’s driver’s license.

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