The man on the right is the one NYPD officers mistook for former tennis star James Blake, who was tackled and arrested on his way to watch the U.S. Open on Wednesday.

The photo was provided to police by a firm that found the photo on

NYPD officers were investigating a credit card ring that used stolen credit cards to purchase goods such as cell phones and high end sneakers. The goods were delivered to the 4-star Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC.

A delivery man pointed out Blake who was on his way to watch the U.S. Open on Wednesday. Blake was a guest at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

A plainclothes officer approached Blake and tackled him to the ground without warning. Blake later said the officer did not identify himself as a cop.

When Blake asked the officer why he was under arrest, the officer responded, “I’ll tell you later.”

The mistaken identity was revealed when a NYPD detective recognized Blake.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio apologized to Blake.

That officer has been placed on desk duty and stripped of his gun and badge until the investigation into his use of excessive force is complete.

It’s hard to see how the mixup occurred. The man in the photo is noticeably darker than Blake, who is mixed race.

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