The girlfriend of Kristopher Love, the man police suspect shot and killed Dallas dentist Kendra Hatcher in the parking garage of her luxury apartments, says she doesn’t believe he killed Hatcher.

Love, 31, was arrested and charged with capital murder and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon last week. Police say Love was in possession of the same handgun he used to shoot Hatcher on Sept. 2.

Kendra Hatcher

Love’s girlfriend, Merika Swint, spoke exclusively to Fox 4 News.

“He’s an awesome father, I work and he picks my kids up every day from school. He take care of my son, he’s an awesome father, he’s a good person,” Swint told Fox 4.

Apparently Love was a kept man who didn’t need a job because Swint earned “plenty of money” for the both of them.

“I couldn’t see him going and taking a life, and being away from his kids. I make plenty of money I can’t see him being hired for a hitman to take someone’s life and he’ll know he’ll be away from his kids,” Swint said.

Love is being held on $2.5 million bond.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Brenda Delgado, whom police suspect is the mastermind behind the murder-for-hire plot to kill Hatcher.

Delgado was under 24-hour police surveillance, but she managed to slip away. She is considered a fugitive.

Already in custody is Crystal Cortes, the getaway driver who drove Love to the Gables 17 Park Apartments on Cedar Springs Road to “rob” Hatcher.

Cortes told police she did not know Love. She said Delgado loaned her a Jeep Cherokee to pick up Love and chauffeur him to Hatcher’s apartment.

Cortes said Delgado promised her $500 in exchange for Hatcher’s driver’s license.

Police arrested Delgado on outstanding traffic warrants in the days after Hatcher’s death, but she was released.

Police declined to hold Delgado even though they had Cortes’ confession and they were aware that Delgado used an iPhone app to track Hatcher.

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