An Atlanta man who fell from a high rise building in downtown Atlanta Tuesday morning was handcuffed when he supposedly jumped.

Tyquan Richardson, 22, died after he reportedly jumped through a 3rd story window while handcuffed and in police custody, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Richardson was arrested on Thursday, Sept. 17 on cocaine and marijuana possession charges. He was released on $1,500 bond on Friday.

While attending a hearing on “pretrial intervention” at the court building, a janitor found a handgun outside the building. The gun was wrapped in court papers bearing Richardson’s name.

Officers confronted Richardson who admitted the gun was his. The gun possession violated the conditions of his bond and Richardson was re-arrested.

According to the, Richardson articulated to an officer that he was not going back to jail.

“Once in custody, handcuffed, and seated, the individual arose and ran headfirst into an exterior window, crashing through it and falling approximately 40 feet to the sidewalk on Walton Street,” Capt. Michael O’Connor told the

Richardson’s death is raising questions on social media about the probability of a handcuffed individual hurling himself through a window while surrounded by “three to four” Fulton deputies.

Photos from Richardson’s Facebook page show a young man who was in a relationship and full of life.

“It’s so unusual,” Capt. O’Connor said, “that it kind of defies anything that anybody would think of beforehand.”