A Vancouver Island transvestite was recently kicked out of the female locker room at a public swimming pool. Brittany Remington told CTV News he checked in with the pool staff to get permission before returning and attempting to enter the female’s locker room.

“I went back to go swimming, and I was dressed in a dress… I was about to go in the female change room and they said ‘no.’ They stopped me,” he said. “The woman I was talking to told me that I was not allowed to change in the female change room.”

Remington was taken to a first aid room to change in private.

But Remington took issue with the way the pool staff “snickered” as they escorted him to the first aid room to change.

According to CTV News, Vancouver city protocol calls for transvestites and cross dressers to use public facilities of the gender they identify with.

“I have mostly feminine clothing, so now I don’t know what to do? I don’t know where I can go. I like to exercise, I like to swim,” said Remington. “It’s disgusting, it should’ve never happened.”

City officials apologized to Remington and assured him the incident would not happen again. But he declined to return to the pool.

The head of the parks and recreation department reaffirmed his commitment to “make sure that we take any step necessary to make our patrons feel welcome, and to know that this is a fully accessible space.”

Remington said he wants to use the “humiliating” incident as a teachable moment to change public perceptions about a woman with a penis sharing public spaces with biological women.

“I’m strong, I feel strong. What is this going to do to somebody else if they go through the same thing? They might not be as strong as I am,” he said.

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