Hi everyone, below is the latest email I’ve received from my readers complaining about Google’s auto-redirecting ads. Please know that I have no control over Google’s ad inventory, including Google’s auto-redirect ads that takes you to other websites.

As a result of Google’s inaction in regards to this problem, I have asked my ad networks to remove Google’s ad inventory from my website. I hope this resolves the problems of ads redirecting you to other blogs.

From: Deanna E.
Date: Today, 06:57:19 AM EST
To: sandra@sandrarose.com

Love the blog. Just wanted you to know the ad on the mobile version of your site is doing too much. I just tried to start my Monday morning off with the article about the judge but couldn’t finish reading it bc the ad (without anything being clicked) took me to its site 4 times. I understand that is how you make your money but I do not like being taken to another site without even clicking. Happy Monday.